Putin chose not to expel American diplomats from Russia

Путин решил не высылать американских дипломатов из РФ

Russian President Vladimir Putin chose not to expel American diplomats from the country. This is stated in a statement released by the press service of the Kremlin.

“Reserving the right to retaliate, we will not stoop to the level of “cooking” irresponsible diplomacy and further steps for the restoration of Russian-American relations will develop on the basis of policy which will carry out the administration of the President D. trump,” reads the statement.

It says sent from the US, Russian diplomats will spend the Christmas holidays with family and friends.

“We’re not going to create problems for American diplomats. We’re not going to send. We will not deny their families and children to use their usual resting places during the new year holidays. Moreover, all children of American diplomats accredited in Russia, invited to the new year and Christmas tree in the Kremlin”, – reads the statement of Putin.

At the same time, the Kremlin regarded the new US sanctions as a provocation aimed at further undermining Russian-American relations.

He expressed regret that “the administration of President Barack Obama finishes the job this way”, but, nevertheless, congratulated him and his family members a happy New year.

Earlier the MFA of Russia, invited Putin to deport 35 American diplomats in response to similar US actions.

Recall, USA 35 expelled Russian diplomats and impose new sanctions due to cyber attacks. Influential senators McCain and Graham demanded more severe sanctions against Russia.