Putin condemned the opening of the monument to Petliura in Vinnytsia

Путин осудил открытие памятника Петлюре в Виннице

The Russian leader said that the actions of the Ukrainian government, not the people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting of the international discussion club Valdai, has criticized the installation in the winery of the monument to Simon Petliura, reports RIA Novosti.

The Russian leader said that he expects progress in the settlement of the situation in Ukraine and stressed that this issue must be affecting the position of Kiev.

“Now a monument to Petliura is a person Nazi views, the anti-Semite who slaughtered Jews during the war. In addition to the Zionist Congress, the Jewish everyone is silent. You their customers I am sorry that you in Kiev?”, − said Putin.

He believes that this is the government, not the people of Ukraine.

“This is not the Ukrainian people, it’s all done with the filing of appropriate governing structures. Why are you silent?”, − added the Russian President.

Recall that by the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian revolution in the winery opened the first in Ukraine monument to Petliura.