Putin did not mention the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg following talks with Lukashenko

Путин не упомянул о теракте в Петербурге по итогам переговоров с Лукашенко

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin making a statement following talks with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko did not mention the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg, reports “Medusa”.

In turn, Lukashenko thanked Putin for talks despite the “tragic incident” has not specified, about what there is a speech. Condolences to Lukashenko publicly Express did not.

Lukashenka also mentioned that some of the talks focused on security issues. This item, he said, was included in the agenda before the “tragic incident”.

At the meeting, as stated by the leaders of the two countries, agreements were reached on the development of common rules on the gas market. In addition, managed to arrange a trip to Belarus specialists of the Ministry of agriculture to “study the issue of compliance with Belarusian enterprises phytosanitary standards”. Lukashenko also announced that Russia has agreed to “refinance” the debt of Belarus.

As reported, at 15:40 in the metro of St. Petersburg, an explosion occurred in the car that was moving along the blue line subway. The number of dead at the moment – 9, the victims – about 20. After a while I closed all the metro stations in the city.

Related news: In St. Petersburg two men wanted on suspicion of preparing explosions.

According to the President of BP Vladimir Putin, the cause of the explosion is still unknown, covers all versions of household and the attack.

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