Putin does not intend to intervene in the situation with returning to Ukraine Scythian gold

Путин не намерен вмешиваться в ситуацию с возвращением в Украину скифского золота

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not intend to intervene in the situation with the return to Ukraine of Scythian gold. This was reported by his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“The relevant Russian authorities are on this topic, it’s not a question of the President”, – said Peskov.

Yesterday the district court of Amsterdam decided to return to Ukraine collection of Scythian gold, brought to the exhibition prior to the annexation of Crimea by Russia. The court ruled that the Crimea is not a sovereign state and can not claim to treasure as a cultural heritage.

At the same time Ukraine needs to compensate for the cost of storage of the collection – about 100 thousand euros. Museums annexed Crimea intend to appeal the court’s decision.

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The justice Ministry believes that by the end of next year, the Scythian gold return to Ukraine.

As you know, in February 2014 the collection of Scythian gold was removed to Amsterdam, where he was presented at the exhibition “Crimea: gold and secrets of the Black sea” in the Allard Pierson Museum. This collection consisted of the collections of five museums, one in Kiev and four Crimean.

The exhibition “Crimea – Golden island in the Black sea” was completed on may 31, 2014, but by the end of February 2014, Crimea was annexed by Russia, and the Dutch confused, to whom to return the Scythian gold. The Crimean museums, of which in February the collection was moved to the Netherlands, insisted on the fact that Scythian gold should go back to them.

The trial began in January 2015 and in April Ukraine is recognized by the process.

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