Putin promises to take Romania “under the scope” because of the placement of us missile defense

Путин обещает взять Румынию "под прицел" из-за размещения американских ПРО

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow would have to respond to the introduction of the U.S. missile defence system in Romania, RIA “Novosti”.

He noted that the United States “at the time, unilaterally withdrew from the anti-ballistic missile Treaty”, thus starting to undermine the fundamental bases of international security.

“No one listens to us. Negotiations with the us news nobody wants. Also common phrases we hear nothing. A common phrase is that it is not aimed at Russia, it does not threaten Russia’s security. Let me remind you that initially the idea was to prevent the threat from Iran, they talked about Iran’s nuclear program. Where now the Iranian nuclear program? It is not” — said Putin.

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Putin said in the installation of missile defense in Romania can be placed strike complexes, it is enough only to change the software.

“But worse than others, worse, that in these compact units can be shipped offensive weapons, shock missiles right now. And this is the range of 2400 kilometers. And replace one missile to another does not seem to be any difficulty. It is sufficient to change only software. No one will notice. Even the Romanians will not notice”, — said the Russian President.

Putin stressed that in this case Russia will be forced to react accordingly.”

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“If yesterday those parts of the territory of Romania, who just didn’t know what it’s like to be under the gun, today we have to perform certain actions that will ensure our safety. I repeat — it is the response. Response. We are not taking any first steps”, – Putin said.

He also stressed that Russia does not take any concrete action until will not see the missiles on the adjacent territory.

Recall, may 12 first base defense in Eastern Europe was open in Romania, at the site of the old air force base Deveselu. The representative of the Ministry of defence to NATO, Robert bell before the opening said that the deployed missile defense system “is not directed against Russia.” “The Iranians are increasing their capabilities, and we should be ahead”, – he explained.

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In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities will be forced to think about stopping threats to national security after the opening of the ground base American missile defense in Romania.