Putin unexpectedly took the stage Koktebel Jazz Party

Путин неожиданно вышел на сцену Koktebel Jazz Party

The Russian President recalled the 15-year history of the festival.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the jazz festival Koktebel Jazz Party in Crimea, reported the press service of the Kremlin.

The Russian leader appeared on stage during a concert suddenly to the public and during a short speech managed to appropriate the history of the festival.

“For 15 years, since 2003, in my opinion, is such a wonderful festival. In General, during this time, it was visited by 150 leading orchestras in the world, and this year came 10 great bands, 10 music jazz bands, our friends,” − said Putin.

Recall from the 2003 annual jazz music festival Jazz Koktebel was held in Koktebel, but in 2014, after annexation of the Crimea, the festival moved to the Odessa region. This year it will be held in the Black sea.

Note, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry handed a note of protest in connection with the visit of the Russian leader in the Crimea.

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