Putin’s rating has suffered because of sanctions – Poroshenko

Рейтинг Путина пострадал из-за санкций – Порошенко

Petro Poroshenko considers sanctions against Russia is very effective

The purpose of sanctions is to hold Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table, said the President of Ukraine.

Russia is paying a high economic price for its aggression, and without the sanction of its authority would not engage in the Channel process. This was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in an interview with German newspaper Rheinische Post, the press service of the head of state on Saturday, September 22.

“Sanctions is the only soft-tool that we have available, that in such a situation to exert pressure on the aggressor. In this case we are not talking about punishing Russia. The goal is to keep Putin at the negotiating table. In this sense, sanctions are very effective”, – said Poroshenko.

In his opinion, without sanctions, “Putin would not be doing the Norman process designed to find a peaceful solution”.

“Russia is now paying a high economic price for its aggressive foreign policy, and Putin’s popularity because of this also suffered, – said the Ukrainian leader. – Russian for a long time escaped militant euphoria that prevailed in the first place, as a result of the annexation of the Crimea. Today, many ask: what does it cost us?”.

Poroshenko also commented on the debate among European governments about the possibility as soon as possible to cancel sanctions, in particular, such statements in the Italian government.

“It Putin from the very beginning made a bet: that the common position of the Europeans in this matter will fail. He hoped that France after the presidential elections in 2017 under the influence of right-populist National front will pass positions on the issue of sanctions – in vain. Then he put on the growth of ADG positions in Germany party (Alternative for Germany – ed.) and the completion of the tenure of Angela Merkel to finally get rid of the sanctions,” – said the President and added that “so far Putin’s calculations did not work”.

Europe that has retained its unity, and for that we are eternally grateful to our European friends” – summed Poroshenko.

We will remind, on 21 September, the US expanded sanctions against Russia. In the blacklist of the state Department were still 27 Russian citizens and six companies which are associated with defence or intelligence.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has signed a decree to toughen enforcement of the sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that such sanctions measures of the United States “mindlessly rocking” global stability. Also in Moscow estimated that it was 60 on account of restrictions against Russia.

And Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the US sanctions led to falling confidence in the dollar.

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