Pyatov: it’s Always nice to beat Dynamo

Пятов: Всегда приятно обыгрывать Динамо

Andriy Pyatov

The goalkeeper of Donetsk Shakhtar Andriy Pyatov gave an interview to SPORTS bigmir)net, in which he spoke about his goals for the remainder of the season

We present to your attention an interview with the goalkeeper of Shakhtar and Ukraine national Team Andriy Pyatov. Note that our conversation with the Keeper held before Shakhtar’s game with Chornomorets in the Ukrainian League.

On the Cup match with Alexandria

– Shakhtar in the first match of 1/2 final Cup of Ukraine played out a draw with Alexandria. The score is now 1:1. What, in your opinion, did not have the team to win? Maybe that was the underestimation of the opponent before the match?

No we did not underestimate them. We went out on the field to win, and in the first 20 minutes we showed his game when he created a few good scoring chances. I think then we could score three goals. But then the opponent started to play more from defense, so even that goal they scored…

Why 1:1? Well, it all depends on the implementation. In football is designed so that you want to score more and miss less.

– Gritsuk scored a beautiful goal, could you to beat him?

– Could, I guess. I just didn’t see the moment of impact, so he flew.

Пятов: Всегда приятно обыгрывать Динамо

Andriy Pyatov
Marina Golovnev

Alexandria gave a great match in the Ukrainian Cup with Dynamo, the team fights for a place. How would you personally rate it?

– I really liked this team. They have their own game, they do not care whom to play with: Shakhtar or Dynamo, Vorskla or Hoverla. They just pad their bottom line, their game. Not afraid to put pressure in every game we create moments. Even against us they had 2-3 chances, and that’s not counting the goal. Once again, I really liked this team.

– A draw leaves good chances for both teams for reaching the final of the Ukrainian Cup. Will the miner to beat in the second leg Alexandria?

– The team Shakhtar always put the highest tasks. We not only can, we should beat them, and to reach the final. Ahead of the Ukrainian League matches and Europa League, and I would not want that someone got hurt because playing on three fronts is very difficult. But the coach makes squad rotation, so hopefully all will be well and the return game with Alexandria we come without loss.

About the match with Dynamo

1 may you play in the championship with Dinamo. You have already prepared?

– It is difficult to say how we will approach this match. We have to many games. Now Chernomorets, then the game with Sevilla, but only after the match with Dynamo. Yes, we have a tough schedule, but very interesting. Now I can’t say who will play because it will all be clear closer to the match.

– The desire to beat Dinamo?

– Of course! (smiles). No matter, what’s the difference between us in points in the championship of Ukraine. Always nice to beat Dinamo, in principle, as them to us. And it does not matter what the status of the match.

Пятов: Всегда приятно обыгрывать Динамо

Andriy Pyatov
Marina Golovnev

– The match with Dynamo will take place in Lviv. Don’t worry that the local audience will be more cheering for Dinamo, not for you, the club who brought the city in the Champions League?

– There was information that we wanted to play in Zaporozhye, but the leadership team decided to play in Lviv. After all, our five days will have two matches: the first with Sevilla, the second with Dinamo. We have enough flights during the season.

I think on April 28 at the Europa League will be a full stadium, and Dynamo will also be sold out.

As for the match, we’re a little bit vlublen in Lviv fans. I hope this time will not be such a total Dynamo support, as it was previously. I think I will come those who want to enjoy the game and not to shout all the time against the same team. Hope will be a good match.

– Tell about Lviv. Do you like the city?

– I have long had the city had an enjoyable experience. My cum from out of town, he lives here. My wife loves the lions, she really like it here. Where possible we will try to come there for a reason. In General, plan their entire extended family to come to Lviv for Easter, especially since my game will be there. But another important reason – his daughter was born recently. Want to come to congratulate.

Пятов: Всегда приятно обыгрывать Динамо

Andriy Pyatov
Marina Golovnev

– Do you think the chances of winning the title this season is lost, or other options?

– We will fight to the last, although already a little something depends. Now we have a game with Chornomorets. It is a young, ambitious team. Will play with them in our game to take three points and save some chance. And there are going to look.

About Lucescu

– In the first part of the season Mr. gave to play you and Anton Kanibolotskiy, but you only play in the spring. You can say that you won the competition in the team for a place in the basis?

– I never say that someone is number one in the team. I at least don’t think so. I always respected colleagues and never discuss. As a person can and can, but as a football player – no, because I don’t know anything in football. It all depends on the coach. At the moment he believes so, but the three of us: me, Anton and Bogdan sarnavskiy, prepare, train for each match. The atmosphere in here is great, the coach is good. Therefore, everything is decided by the coach.

– Lucescu blamed you for the missed goals?

He does not scold, he is trying to suggest that there are no errors. He is the head coach of the team, but all the details and nuances I discuss with coaches goalkeepers. The head coach may not notice our little things, but those that can do the accent.

We, the goalkeepers, we separately looked at some points.

Пятов: Всегда приятно обыгрывать Динамо

Andriy Pyatov
Marina Golovnev

– Shakhtar in this season in almost every match passes. What is the reason?

I can’t say that we miss in every game. Granted these games. For example, the Dnieper we conceded 4, with Steel missed three. Perhaps in those games where the whole team relaxes, and we skipped. Errors in fact start from the goalkeeper and to the striker, and Vice versa. Can attitude so affected, I do not know. Take, for example, match with the Steel and with Braga. In one match we conceded three goals and the other was given to the contender only two dangerous moments to create. Here’s an indicators.

About The Europa League

– In the semi-finals of the Europa League you will play with Sevilla. After the draw, when I learned that will play with this team, happy? It could be Liverpool.

– I think there’s no difference with whom to play. All the teams are very strong. No matter who we had, we would have studied and prepared myself.

Sevilla difficulty was athletic. Maybe it’s still the best option?

– The match for the match, however. Rival, any, need to study and prepare. After all, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. I can’t talk about Sevilla something concrete to say, in detail we will tell Mircea Lucescu and then I will be ready to answer.

Пятов: Всегда приятно обыгрывать Динамо

Andriy Pyatov
Marina Golovnev

Sevilla in the championship of Spain is in seventh place, and will not be able to play in the Champions League. The only chance for this team to get into this tournament is to win the Europa League. They will be beyond motivated for the matches with you.

– It’s hard for me to say something. You know how they play in the championship. Don’t know what plans the team makes the coach of Seville, but in Europa League they will fight to the last.

– Konoplyanka after the draw, didn’t write to you and partners in the miner after the draw?

– No, maybe closer to the match you sleep.

– Jokes, jokes Wife prepare for a meeting in Lviv?

– TA no (smiling). Maybe Eugene is cooking, he likes to joke. I think he’d be glad to go back to the time in the Ukraine, but let the best man win.

– The chances of a miner in the confrontation with Sevilla how would you rate?

– Before the game I try not to comment on this. Try not to make any predictions. I adhere to: “Worked the case, then we can talk.“

Пятов: Всегда приятно обыгрывать Динамо

Andriy Pyatov
Marina Golovnev

– Now Shakhtar is playing at once on three fronts. How difficult it is for a football player?

– For a player it is better to play than to train. When everything is in good shape, all healthy, it’s better than to sit and ride on workout. Personally, I rejoice that we have such a schedule now. I get pleasure from the game.

About the national team and Euro 2016

– There is a difference in the game for club and country for you as a player?

– No, just have the nuances of the game. What? Tactics, for example.

– You’re comfortable in the team when the line is presented by players from different clubs, or you are more comfortable when they play the boys from Shakhtar?

– Never singled out anyone in the team. In our clubs good players in the team come the best. Yes, I used to play when in front of me the Coachman from Rakitskiy, but when he comes Khacheridi from Dynamo I don’t feel discomfort. The style of the game as we do, and Dynamo similar. The transition from defence through a pass, and not always “long“. So it makes no difference.

Пятов: Всегда приятно обыгрывать Динамо

Andriy Pyatov
Marina Golovnev

– In the youth team you became the Vice-champion of Europe 2006 and at Euro 2016 is the result of what I would like to achieve?

– The first task is to qualify from the group, there is as God wills. I would like the maximum.

– Euro 2016 will take place in France. Were you in this country as a tourist?

– No, it wasn’t. Only with club came there, and so to travel, look no.

– At the end of the championship of Ukraine you will start collecting unified Ukraine. Time to pause a little vacation to do?

I don’t know. I can say that at the end of the championship of Ukraine we will have a collection, almost a family, as we are there with families let’s go to Italy. Here there and take the whole family on vacation (smiles).

Wife take on the Euro?

– She will go, but not with me, and separately, as a tourist. Will live with children, but not right near us, but somewhere in 100 miles from us.

– The coaching staff entered Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko. You former partner of a national team called by my name, or just “Andrew“?

– Training only by name and patronymic, and in everyday life can Andrew. The grass snake is our personal. He is the coach, with all due respect.

– The arrival of Shevchenko in the national team is a plus for the team?

I think so. He played in big clubs under the guidance of great coaches. He has the experience he wants to share.

– Many players are trying to pursue a career abroad. You have such a desire?

– Well, why try. Yes, now the situation is such in the country, but if you get a good offer, then why not. Five or six years ago abroad have played one, and now more and more young leave. I think this is a future good shots for the team.

– The team is now all their matches played away. Lviv became the club’s second home. No nostalgia for you in Donetsk?

– All football business is one thing and life is another. Want to there was peace. It is time to do something to something to agree. The war will not prove anything to anyone. Need to sit down and negotiate. Even our club President (Rinat Akhmetov – ed.ed) told before they began shooting. Want was peace and they stopped shooting.

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