Qualcomm fined $ 853 million

Qualcomm оштрафована на 853 млн долларов

Qualcomm will challenge the fine in the Supreme court of South Korea

Representatives of the company called the decision “unprecedented and unjustified”.

American manufacturer of chipsets Qualcomm fined in South Korea for a record $ 853 million dollars for violation of antitrust laws, reports Bloomberg.

The claim that the company illegally uses its dominant position in the market, preventing healthy competition. In particular, Qualcomm allegedly set too high royalties for the use of patent-protected technologies, which are fundamental for the industry (Standard Essential Patents SEP).

According to the investigation, Qualcomm has licensed its essential patents only for manufacturers of mobile phones and incorrectly agreed on the terms of licensing.

Also from the company, demand that it opened access to their key patents to other manufacturers of chipsets, made them available for free licensing, and stop imposing terms that the government considered unfair.

The amount of the fine for Qualcomm, the largest in the history of South Korea.

Representatives from Qualcomm called the decision “unprecedented and unwarranted” and said it will challenge it in the Supreme court of South Korea.

As reported Корреспондент.netin January 2016 of the Federal US district court ordered South Korea’s Samsung to stop sales of several smartphones that violate Apple’s patented technology.