Qualification Commission of the GPU needs to fill nearly 500 existing vacancies, – Sevruk

Квалификационная комиссия ГПУ должна заполнить почти 500 уже существующих вакансий, - Севрук

Qualification Commission of the GPU needs to fill nearly 500 existing vacancies. This was during the briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said the acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Sevruk.

“Qualification and disciplinary Commission will be to ensure the selection of personnel for work in bodies of Prosecutor’s office. The tenders, which were previously carried out by the tender Committee, now it will deal with the qualification and disciplinary Commission of prosecutors… Why do I need to create this Commission and to start working? Currently in the Prosecutor’s office already there are 490 jobs. To fill these positions without qualification and disciplinary Commission of prosecutors can’t. Unfortunately, this number is constantly growing. Including, at present, has already resigned 14 representatives of heads of local prosecutors, Deputy Directors and prosecutors. These positions also need to fill out, it also needs to hold contests. To do this, create a Council of prosecutors, who will decide the question of substitution of administrative positions, including the issues of dismissal of workers in these positions,” said Sevruk.

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According to Sevruk, the filling process is quite heavy, because the law stipulates the need for the training, which will take about a year. “All these jobs we can fill for a year, if not will be amended accordingly to the law,” said acting Prosecutor General.

“All those comments that we heard from activists, the system is cemented, it will not come to new people – this is not true. In confirmation of their wish to bring a small number of new people took place every year in bodies of Prosecutor’s office. In just 10 years, received more than 8 thousand people after graduation,” said Sevruk.

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We will remind, at the conference of prosecutors which will be held today, April 26, will be elected by the Council of prosecutors and the qualification Commission

From the GPU to the conference were elected only 6 people, from regional and regional Prosecutor’s offices military Prosecutor’s offices – 90 people and the local prosecutors ‘ offices, where the average age of the Prosecutor for 29 years, elected 368 delegates. Here they will select two bodies: 11 – qualification Commission, 13 the Council of prosecutors.

According to the Prosecutor of the GPU Vladislav Kutsenko, these bodies may not be elected neither is the Prosecutor who holds the administrative position. “Only ordinary procurators, Deputy heads of Department, directorates and so on, ordinary prosecutors will be able to join the Council of public prosecutors and the qualification Commission”, – he stressed.

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While Kutsenko noted that the Council of prosecutors will be to pay to the attorney General proposals for appointment and dismissal from administrative posts.

The qualification Commission will submit their proposals for candidates for the ordinary Prosecutor’s office, bringing prosecutors to disciplinary responsibility.