Queen Country Fitness Club becomes the 56th fitness club Sport Life!

Queen Country Fitness Club становится 56-м фитнес-клубом Sport Life!

Queen Country Club – best country complex of a premium for people leading an active lifestyle. The territory is adapted for sports and walks in the fresh air at any time of the year.

This is a real resort in a pine forest with a 26-meter black pool, Jacuzzi, only in Kiev, pool-bar. Now Queen Country Club becomes part of Ukraine’s largest network of fitness clubs Sport Life! Budui the club changed its name to “Sport Life Queen of Country”.

Queen Country Fitness Club становится 56-м фитнес-клубом Sport Life!



Today in the news Agency UNIAN hosted a signing of the Memorandum on strategic cooperation between the country and a complex network of fitness clubs Sport Life, napravlennogo promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

“Given the numerous requests and wishes of our customers, club Queen and Country Fitness Club chain of fitness clubs Sport Life become partners. Our goal is to expand the list of provided fitness services that previously were not available in all seasons in our complex,” – said the Manager of a country complex, Irina Ponomarenko. — “List of services for our clients to expand significantly. Will now have a great opportunity for year-round visits of adult and children’s swimming pools; bath lounge; squash courts as well as classes children’s fitness.”

According to marketing Director of a network fitness-clubs Sport Life by Alexandra Picanco, Sport Life has a huge experience in operating fitness clubs. It was therefore decided to attach a country complex in its network. “All clients who purchased season tickets to Queen Country Fitness Club, automatically receive new membership cards of the highest category Lux&SPA, commented the marketing Director. – “A guarantee of access to the whole network without restrictions, with full preservation of all services and the timing of subscriptions”.

Queen Country Fitness Club становится 56-м фитнес-клубом Sport Life!



Alexander Picanco said: “This will be the 6th fitness club format Lux&SPA. And just today has 56 Sport Life fitness club in Ukraine. In the active phase of construction clubs in Kharkov, the Dnieper, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zaporozhye. Our plans are to expand the network to 150 health clubs across the country by the end of 2020. Therefore, a network customer benefits Queen Country Fitness Club is obvious – this is a great opportunity to visit the club in the most convenient area, not only Kiev, but also in 17 cities of Ukraine!”.