Racist, con man, crook, liar. Lawyer about trump

Расист, аферист, мошенник, лгун. Адвокат о Трампе

Michael Cohen, more than 10 years working as a personal lawyer of Donald trump testified in the U.S. Congress, stating that the current President of the United States insulted blacks, threatened the reporters and lied to get into the Forbes list.

The US President Donald trump has problems and is more serious than the failure of the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

His former lawyer, Michael Cohen came to Congress to testify against the incumbent.

And knows how it turned out Cohen, not enough. He directly accused trump of lying under oath, but acknowledged that does not have direct evidence of the collusion of the President of the United States with Russia on the eve of elections in 2016.

Correspondent.net gathered the main indications of the priest.

About relations with Russia

Cohen also stated that he had no direct evidence that trump or his campaign colluded with Russia.

“I don’t have them, he said. I want it to be clear. But I have my suspicions”.

However, Cohen said that trump knew about plans to build a trump tower in Moscow and led them, while publicly stating that he had no business ties in Russia.

“He lied about this, because it is not expected that wins the election. He also lied about it because he had to earn hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Cohen.

In 2017, Cohen has told Congress that attempts to build a skyscraper in Moscow have ceased by January 2016. But since then, he acknowledged that negotiations in fact continued until June of 2016 (electoral campaign), although the project ultimately was not implemented.

Cohen also added that his previous false statements to Congress were “checked and edited” lawyers trump.

Cohen also said that he had discussed the construction of the trump tower in Moscow with Felix Satera – American man of Russian origin, a longtime friend of trump.

The American media called Satara person associated with Russian organized crime. The democratic Congressman Harley Ruda, asking the priest questions about Satire, called the last “a convicted bandit.”

– Is it true that the President trump knew a convicted thug? asked Ore.


– He had an office in new York trump tower on the same floor as the trump?

Yes. When he moved out, his office became my.

– Pay for rent?

– No.

So, the President trump lied under oath? (Trump claimed that Saerom not familiar.)


Cohen also noted in his testimony that, contrary to repeated statements trump, he knew in advance about the meeting in trump tower in Manhattan between his aides and a lawyer from Russia, promising to provide “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Cohen said that trump’s son Donald trump, Jr. came back to the table of the father and quietly said to him: “To the meeting all ready.”

Trump said Cohen, said, “Okay, let me know.”

Wikileaks and the Democrats

One of the most important statements of Cohen at the hearing – his story about the overheard telephone conversation of trump and his adviser, political consultant Roger stone. From him, according to Cohen, trump has learned in advance about the impending publication of an array of emails hacked from the servers of the Democratic party.

It is believed that the publishing organization Wikileaks Julian Assange these letters in the summer of 2016 struck by rating the candidate from Democrats Hillari Clinton.

U.S. authorities later accused of hacking the servers of the Democratic party of the Russian military intelligence – GRU. Russia denies these accusations.

The office of spectracolor Robert Mueller, who is investigating the possible intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election in January 2019 accused of stone on the false testimony at the hearings in Congress. One of the episodes has to do with his lie about the frequency of contact with Wikileaks and Assange.

Small dirty tricks trump

Cohen called trump a racist. In support of this he cited several conversations with him. “One day he asked if I could name a country which would be ruled by blacks and which would not be stinking hole. It happened when the US President was Barack Obama,” — said Cohen. He also said that one day when he and trump passed on the disadvantaged area of Chicago, he said he can only live black. “He also told me that blacks will not vote for him because they’re too stupid,” added Cohen.

Trump has overstated the size of his fortune to get into the Forbes list. Cohen says that trump wanted every year to take a high place in the list of the richest people in the world. For this Cohen, at his request, manipulated the value of its real estate. Also, according to the lawyer, trump has overstated the value of their assets, when in 2014 want to at Deutsche Bank credit for the purchase of the team in American football the Buffalo bills (he never did). While sometimes the value of the assets was understated to reduce property taxes, said Cohen.

Cohen about 500 times threatened people and organizations at the request of trump over 11 years of experience in it. Threats, in particular, were addressed to reporters preparing a critical article about trump, as well as educational institutions, where he was educated — in cases where journalists are asked to disclose its evaluation. Cohen said that usually threatened litigation.

What awaits Cohen

52-year-old Cohen has to start to serve his three-year prison term in may in connection with the violation of rules of election campaign Finance – a secret, illegal payment of money one of the alleged mistresses of trump, as well as tax evasion and lying to Congress.

At the hearings, Cohen has once again confirmed that in 2016 turned Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) 130 thousand dollars that she told reporters about his long-standing love affair with trump, who at the time was a candidate for U.S. President.

Cohen said that in 2017 trump, already as President, a series of payments returned to him the money spent on the deal with Clifford. As evidence, Cohen gave the Congress a copy of a check for 35 thousand dollars with the signature trump.

In his final speech, Cohen acknowledged that he made mistakes. “My loyalty to Mr. Trump’s cost me everything – my reputation, my freedom, my license lawyer and my honor,” he said.

The Reaction Of The Trump

After the speech, Cohen trump said on Twitter that his former lawyer was lying to reduce his sentence.

“Michael Cohen was one of the many lawyers who represented me (unfortunately). He had other clients. The state Supreme court had just deprived him of his right to practice law for lying and fraud. He did bad things not related to trump. He lied to reduce his sentence …, ” wrote trump on Twitter.

Also, the White house said “the deception that permeates professional life,” Cohen and his “instinct to blame others”.