Rada approved the plan of defense in case of aggression

Рада утвердила план обороны в случае агрессии

The law provides for a plan of defence in case of armed aggression or armed conflict.

The Verkhovna Rada at a meeting on Friday, September 20, 286 votes adopted the presidential bill On the defence of Ukraine.

The draft law provides for legislative regulation of the publication of the defence plan of strani and the right to the President to approve its structure.

“The adoption of this law will create conditions for training of public authorities, all components of the security sector and defense of Ukraine, bodies of local self-government, a unified system of civil protection, the national economy to the translation from peacetime to martial law and repel armed aggression, the elimination of armed conflict, as well as readiness of the population and the territory of the state to defense”, – stated in the explanatory note.

The law specifies that the plan of defense of Ukraine – the integral part of defence planning, which contains the set of documents that define the content, volume, executors, order and terms of implementation of political, economic, social, military, scientific, scientific-technical, informational, legal, organizational and other activities of the state on preparations for armed defense and protection in the event of armed aggression or armed conflict.

We note today Parliament adopted several laws: the introduction of electronic checks on the protection of geographical brands, on the protection of consumer rights finuslug.


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