Rada declared the Year of remembrance of the deported from Poland Ukrainians

Рада объявила Год памяти депортированных из Польши украинцев

The second Sunday of September, the deputies offer to celebrate Day of remembrance of the deported Ukrainians.

The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, November 8, voted for a resolution which in Ukraine is planned to be a Day of remembrance for Ukrainians deported from Poland in the years 1944-1951. Also next year will be dedicated to the memory of this event. However, the initiative still needs to support the President, according to Лига.net.

For the resolution on the 75th anniversary of the deportation of the autochthonous Ukrainians from Lemkivschyna, Nadinia, Holm, Podlasie, Lubachevsky, Western Boiko in 1944-1951 he voted 234 deputies.

The day of remembrance of the deported Ukrainians are offered to establish the second Sunday of September.

In the explanatory note to the document States that the deportation began on 9 September 1944 as the result of an agreement between the Communist government of the Ukrainian Soviet socialist Republic (USSR) and the Polish Committee of national liberation, “the evacuation of Ukrainian population from the territory of the people’s Republic of Poland and Polish citizens from the territory of the USSR.”

All, including the agreement of 1951 “On the exchange of plots of state territories”, were forcibly evicted more than 700 thousand Ukrainians.

At the same time, according to the archives of the Ukrainian side, the destruction of the Ukrainians in this territory began much earlier. In 1943-1944 the planned extermination of entire villages, the main victims were women and children. The eviction was accompanied by gross violation of the rights and freedoms of the person, prohibition to return home, the seizure of property.

In Poland want to calculate the military losses inflicted on the USSR

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