Rada fails to overcome presidential veto on the return of benefits to Chernobyl victims

Рада не смогла преодолеть вето президента по возвращению льгот чернобыльцам

Verkhovna Rada fails to overcome presidential veto on the return of benefits to Chernobyl, there was no votes for the bill No. 2093 with the President’s proposals to overcome the veto of the President.

We will remind, on March 17, 2016 Rada adopted the law №2093 “On amendments to the law of Ukraine “On status and social protection of citizens which suffered owing to Chernobyl catastrophe” (on social protection of victims)”.

Thus, the law restored the categories of contaminated zones and specifies the period and time of residence in the zone of guaranteed voluntary resettlement. Those who live there, planning to return the right of free provision of sanatorium-resort vouchers or compensation of cost of independent sanatorium treatment.

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Also minor children and/or spouse of the deceased liquidator of the accident of the 1st category, regardless of causation of death with the Chernobyl disaster receive the privileges enjoyed by the deceased, as well as one-time lump-sum compensation for loss of breadwinner, and in the future monthly compensation.

In its proposals to the law Poroshenko noted that the proposed document does not accord with the uniform policy of the state in reforming the system of privileges, compensations and guarantees for separate categories of citizens by providing them with targeted, taking into account the average monthly income of the family.