Rada is preparing an attack on the Ukrainian media – NUJU

Рада готовит атаку на украинские СМИ - НСЖУ

The head of the NUJU said that BP is considering a law blocking unwanted media

MPs propose to adopt a law that would justify sanctions-the blocking of Ukrainian TV channels.

The Chairman of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine Serhiy Tomilenko said that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine plans another attack on the freedom of the Ukrainian media, prepared the draft law No. 9275 dated 7 November 2018. He said this on his page in Facebook.

“In the Parliament – another attack on the Ukrainian media! Under the slogan “protection of information space” I propose to adopt a law that would justify sanctions-the blocking of Ukrainian TV channels. A vicious cycle, the erosion of language on the definition of terrorism, clinging to the Ukrainian media labels “supporters of terrorists”, a political vote in Parliament and the application of the national law “On sanctions” – written by Tomilenko.

“If in August 2014, the company supported the act as a natural way to protect Ukraine from aggression “foreign state.” Now the deputies of the sanction is converted into a means of protecting their political interests and a weapon against the Ukrainians, who criticize the government!” – said the Chairman of NSZHU.

Recall, a number of members of Parliament from the factions of the BPP and people’s front registered November 7, a bill that clarifies the definition of “terrorist activity”. The project also proposes to authorize only the Supreme Rada can initiate to the national security Council introduction and adjustment of sanctions against the Ukrainian media.

As reported, Parliament recommends the Council to impose sanctions against companies that are included in the ownership structure of the channels 112 Ukraine and NewsOne.

112 Ukraine declare that a petition for sanctions indicates a serious threat to freedom of speech and independence of media.

The decision of Parliament on TV illegally – NUJU

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