Rada refused to cancel made to the Tax code changes regarding the budgetary revenues in 2017

Рада отказалась отменять внесенные в Налоговый кодекс правки относительно бюджетных поступлений в 2017 году

The Verkhovna Rada failed vote for the draft resolution No. 5132-P “About cancellation of the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 20.12.2016 informed about acceptance in General as the law of bill No. 5132”. For the initiative voted 57 MPs.

Recall, December 20 the Verkhovna Rada supported the draft law # 5132 regarding changes to the Tax code, which includes higher excise taxes on alcohol and cigarettes and reducing rents on oil production. “For” bill No. 5132 voted 235 deputies.

The bill revised certain provisions of the Tax code in connection with the increase in 2017 the minimum wage up to 3200 UAH.

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Document increase the excise tax on alcoholic beverages by 20%, on fortified and sparkling wine – 12%. The rate for natural wines remains unchanged.

Also, under the bill, will increase the specific rate of excise duty on tobacco products by 40%.

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