Rada refused to clarify that work with high risk may not apply to public

Рада отказалась уточнить, что работы с повышенной опасностью не могут относиться к общественным

The Verkhovna Rada

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine refused to clarify that work with high risk can not relate to the public. The Deputy did not have enough votes to send the bill back for revision.

The draft law on amendments to article 31 of the law of Ukraine “On employment of population” (on rationing of public works) No. 4577 was initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers.

So the bill was offered the first part of article 31 of the law of Ukraine “On employment” add the following paragraph:

“Public works does not include work identified a list of works of increased danger approved by the Central Executive body, providing forming of state policy in the sphere of labour protection”.

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According to the explanatory note, the draft act developed by the Ministry in pursuance of the Association Agreement between Ukraine, on the one hand, and the European Union, the European atomic energy community and their member States, on the other hand, and with the aim of implementation of Council Directive 91/383 / EEC on the complement of the measures for promoting the improvement of safety and protection of employees fixed term employment or temporary employment.

So in the note States that work with high risk – it’s a work in conditions of exposure to harmful and dangerous production factors such or, where there is a need in the professional selection related to the maintenance, management, use of technical means of work or process, characterized by a high degree of risk of accidents, fires, threats to life and harm to health, property, environment. In accordance with article 18 of the Law of Ukraine “On labour protection”, workers in jobs with high risk or where there is a need for professional selection should be done annually by the employer specific training and examination of appropriate normative legal acts on labor protection.

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To these works not open to employees, including officers who have not undergone training, instruction and testing of knowledge on labour protection.

“The above conditions are not fulfill in case of attraction of workers to public works with high risk because this can not only cause poor performance and lead to accidents,” the authors summarize the document.

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