Rada rejected a bill to strengthen control over employment of invalids

Рада отклонила законопроект об усилении контроля над трудоустройством инвалидов

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU) has rejected the draft law No. 2299а “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning strengthening of responsibility in the employment of people with disabilities”.

Thus, the adoption of the draft in the first reading vote only 169 deputies, while 226 votes required. After that, the speaker of the Rada Andriy Parubiy suggested to send the document to the relevant Committee for preparation to the repeated first reading, but his proposal was supported only by 185 MPs. Because of this it was proposed to return the bill for revision to the subject of law of legislative initiative, but it was given to only 214 votes.

According to the explanatory note to the document, it is designed with the purpose of strengthening of social protection of people with disabilities in terms of their employment, in particular, effective monitoring of compliance by enterprises, institutions, organisations, including enterprises, organizations public associations of disabled people, the physical persons using wage labor, the standard working places for employment of people with disabilities, collection and payment of administrative sanctions and penalties in case of non-compliance of this norm.

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The bill provides for the amendments to the laws “On bases of social protected of invalids in Ukraine”, “On state registration of legal entities and physical persons – entrepreneurs”, “On collection and accounting of single contribution for obligatory state social insurance”, as well as the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences. In particular, it is proposed:

1) to define the main objectives of the Fund of social protection of persons with disabilities;

2) to clarify the criteria by which the standard is met jobs for the employment of people with disabilities, including by transfer of a certain number of people with disabilities secured work at the enterprises, in the organizations of public organizations of persons with disabilities and have the appropriate permission for the right to use tax concessions, through the conclusion with them of contracts on manufacture of goods, performance of works and services;

3) to define the powers of the Central Executive authority that implements state policy on matters of supervision and control over observance of labour legislation, employment of population, in terms of inspections of employers regarding the accrual and payment of administrative sanctions and penalties for non-compliance of the requirement of workplaces for employment of people with disabilities.

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