Radar TruCam is back on the road. What you need to know

"Радар" TruCam вернулся на дороги. Что нужно знать

TruCam is back on the roads of Ukraine

Patrol police will now record the speed violation on some sections of road.

On the Ukrainian roads 8 October included first camera fixing excess of speed. The patrol with the “radar” will stand on the dangerous roads of international importance and in cities with a high incidence of accidents.

In the first week TruCam will use in pilot mode to prevent and fines to be discharged will not be that drivers become accustomed to the innovation. Корреспонент.net tells details.

Where are the radars

Patrol crews with TruCam will stand in places of concentration of road accident and in the accident-prone sections of roads of international importance. That being the monitoring of compliance with speed limits will necessarily inform the appropriate traffic signs.

“In the fixation of speeding violations will be utility vehicle with included lights blue color”, – stated in the message of national police.

In the first week of patrol police will use radar in pilot mode, without involvement of drivers to justice.

In Kiev, the fixation speed will only work on Bazhan Avenue and Victory Avenue. Recall that in the settlements the speed limit is now 50 kilometers per hour.

Also the radar on the following roads:

  • Volyn oblast: H-22 Ustyluh – Lutsk – Rivne; M-07 Kyiv – Kovel – Yagodin.
  • Donetsk oblast: M-14 Odessa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk.
  • Zhytomyr oblast: M-07 Kyiv – Kovel – Yagodyn; M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop.
  • Transcarpathian region, M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop.
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region: N-10 Stryi – Ivano-Frankovsk – Chernovtsy – novoselitsa.
  • Kyiv region, M-03 Kyiv – Kharkiv – Dolzhansky; M-05 Kyiv – Odesa; M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop; M-07 Kyiv – Kovel – Yagodin.
  • Lviv oblast: M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop.
  • Mykolaiv oblast: M-14 Odessa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk.
  • Odessa oblast: M-05 Kyiv – Odesa; M-14 Odessa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk, M-15 Odessa – Reni.
  • Poltava oblast: M-04 Znamenka – Lugansk – Izvarino.
  • Rivne region: R-05 Horodysche – Sarny – Rivne – Starokostiantyniv; M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop.
  • Chernivtsi region: N-10 Stryi – Ivano-Frankovsk – Chernovtsy – novoselitsa.
  • Chernihiv oblast: M-01 Kyiv – Chernihiv – New Yarylovychi.



Why returned

The TruCam radar first appeared in Ukraine in mid-2010. First, GAI studied their ability to pilot, and after receiving positive results the device has been applied more massively.

However, it soon became known that the TruCAM is no necessary approvals, and after complaints to the Prosecutor the use of these radars are banned. GAI legitimize the instrument in the autumn of 2011.

From the speed control on the roads of Ukraine were abandoned after the creation of the new patrol police. Also in the course of reforms was dissolved the traffic police.

In August 2015 entered into force the law that provides for, among other things, photo and video fixation of traffic violations. However, due to lack of money he has not earned.

Insufficient state patrol could not cope with the function of prevention of traffic violations and the automatic camera fixing was never introduced.

The question of the return of radar was up after a series of fatal accidents involving vans and commercial trucks. Just one day July 20, a few accidents killed 21 people. In two of the three participated minibuses filled with passengers, and trucks. After these cases it was decided to strengthen the traffic control.


What is TruCam

Radar speed measurement TruCAM is the development of experts of the American space Agency NASA. Laser the principle of measurement of speed makes it one of the most effective radars on the roads.

TruCAM can detect objects to a distance of 1.2 thousand meters. However, to obtain high – quality photos and video the trigger on the device to be pressed a distance of about 70 meters. Before that you need to choose the measurement mode (day, night), and set a threshold speed which will be automatically recorded violation.

You should also set and distance, which will be the measurement of speed.
Another important difference TruCAM – GPS-referencing, which gives the opportunity to fix the violations of the speed car.

As told in the patrol police, to prevent fraud and corruption risks, the portable device TruCam contains the AES encryption algorithm that makes it impossible to intervene in the operation of the system and any adjustments to the data.

Also, the monitoring service of the Department of the patrol police will control the number of administrative materials and the number of surviving video.

The next stage of development is the implementation of the project, in which patrol cars will be equipped with instruments fixing the rate directly in the movement.

The purchase of these devices is envisaged by the state program and will be funded from the road Fund.

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