Radical volunteer? Who helped kill Boronenkov

Радикал-доброволец? Кто помогал убить Вороненкова

In office of public Prosecutor have not confirmed the information about the accomplice of the killer, but the reporters claim they found it.

The Network posted a photo: Yaroslav Levents, which journalist Alain LUN’kova in Facebook called accomplice of the killer, Denis Boronenkov. A picture of the suspect published on the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the section wanted.

Lunkov said earlier that Levenets is a fighter “Right sector” (call sign “hunter”). It clarifies that he was wanted since 2012 for economic crimes. Levenets was even arrested, but after the flight of Yanukovych, was released on Amnesty.

Радикал-доброволец? Кто помогал убить Вороненкова

It is argued that Levenets was an accomplice Barsova.

In capital Prosecutor’s office refused to comment, citing the secrecy of the investigation.

Another nationalist from the Dnieper

Jaroslav Levenets was born on 28 August 1985 in the Yellow Waters, Dnipropetrovsk region, Together with his wife and two children he lives in the river.

Levenets worked as a coach of a fighting hopak. In 2012, he was arrested under articles 191 part 5 (embezzlement of another’s property), 205 part 2 (fictitious business), h 3 212 (evasion of taxes, fees).

Associates Levents believe that he was arrested because of the opposition of the drug trade and due to the fact that he was in the nationalist organization “Trident”, which was then headed by Dmitry Yarosh.

Perhaps Levenets attended the same conversion centers that Parchow.

Coincidences in their biographies may indicate that they were already familiar.

Under the auspices Semenchenko

Before the Revolution of dignity Levents called political prisoners of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych.

Радикал-доброволец? Кто помогал убить Вороненкова

After the revolution, Levenets was released, though under house arrest. However, this did not prevent him from immediately after the prison sent to the front.

Levenets known under the call sign “hunter”. He was a member of the unit “Carpathian Sich” battalion “Donbass”, a military unit 3057 – the same as the shooter in Boronenkov Paul Parsow.

In 2015 Levenets was again wanted for violating the regime of house arrest.

In 2016, held a new trial, during which the Levenets was re-elected a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest. Both times he was stood up by the former head of the battalion “Donbass”, MP semen Semenchenko.

“Now prosecuted five of the current members of the Donbass battalion, national guard of Ukraine, people who were awarded orders and medals, and five of the last trains that no longer serve. Nine showed suspicions for 2014, one Jaroslaw Levenets, for 2012. All arrested in January 2016”, – said Semenchenko in an interview.

At the moment on the website “Comteco vizvolennya poltv asnv” Levenets listed fighter “Right sector”. Also stated that he is under house arrest.

Alternative version

The speaker of “Right Sector” Artem Skoropadskyi said that he had found a wife Levents.

“She says that last Friday, that is 8 days before the murder of Yaroslav was detained at the station, he was taken to the police station, but released. In day of murder of the Deputy she was on the phone with Yaroslav about 11 am (the murder was committed in 11-30). According to her, he said that he had come to Kiev on business that he had to visit the Prosecutor’s office,” – said Skoropadskyi.

According to him, the night of the murder when the wife Levents called my husband, he was already off the phone.

“Then she called a friend of her husband, who said he recently spoke with Yaroslav, ATTENTION on the phone said that he was interrogated in the Prosecutor’s office about 16-17 hours on Kiev time. After 5-6 hours after the murder. After that, he was gone.

I draw no conclusions, I am telling you what I found out. He turned off the phone is still where he is – nobody knows,” – said Skoropadskyi.

As previously reported, Denis Voronenkov was killed March 23 in the center of Kiev. His bodyguard seriously wounded the assailant, who soon died in hospital. It soon became clear that the killer was a citizen of Ukraine Pavel Parsow. Arsova will be buried on Tuesday in the river.

In Kiev was held the funeral Boronenkov