Radicals blocked the court from Vita Zaveruhi

Радикалы заблокировали суд из-за Виты Заверухи

Yuri Timoshenko and Vita zavirukha

In the court of Appeal examines the case of the Vita Zaveruhi, Eugene Koseluk and Andrew Romaniuk.

In Kiev radicals blocked the building of the court of Appeal, which considered the case of a soldier of Aydar Vita Zaveruhi and Eugene Koseluk and Andrew Romaniuk, said Deputy head of the information Department of the Right sector Varvara chernoivanenko in Facebook.

Recall., Colaluca and Romaniuk accused of murdering two millitsionerov in the attack on Kyiv, filling station in may 2015. They are also accused of shelling the police post on Brovary shose.

“Block the Appellate court from the outside. There is already the “Right sector”, “Donbass”, “Aydar”, “C14″ and others. Inside remain Yulia Tymoshenko (Deputy – ed.), Vita zavirukha, a lawyer and ATO disabled without legs. Should come to other people’s deputies”, – she wrote.

Chernoivanenko noted that the court brought in another bus “bars”.

Later, she added, that a. put in the hospital under the supervision of a MP. According to her, the day promised to be present, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, which MPs will negotiate the revision of this case.

We will note, today during the trial, the people’s Deputy Yuri Timoshenko and handcuffed himself to. in the hall of the Kyiv Appeal court of Kiev.

Also we will remind that earlier there was a video of the shelling of the village. from a grenade launcher.