Radicals more than a week keep the helipad of Yanukovych – media

Радикалы больше недели удерживают вертолетную площадку Януковича - СМИ

The activists are keeping the building

Representatives of National housing, the freedom and the Right sector is not going to leave the building.

Representatives of right-wing forces for more than a week hold CVAC Park in the center of Kiev, where the helipad was built for the fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. It is reported by the Browser.

Today, the building is controlled by 20-30 people from the National body, Freedom and the Right sector. Their main demands immediate nationalization of the complex.

That object is under arrest and managed by a SOE activists don’t believe.

“This is purely a theory, what they tell you. We have not seen any action from the authorities”, – said the representative of the National corpus Andrew.

According to him, conflict situations do not arise with any tenants of CEC, nor security, nor law enforcement.

“Law enforcement attempts to seize the building was not with the police there is a normal dialogue. No claims against us are still not exposed when viewed from a legal point of view. The police come here and communicate with us, understand that, de facto we are right, but de jure, while we cannot prove this”, – said Andrey.

At the same time managing the CVAC Park Anton Osadovsky claims that he tried to get rid of the invaders with the help of law enforcement, but it failed.

Not wanting to put up with the inaction of security forces, representatives of the complex filed a petition in the Pechersky district management of police of Kiev. “If there is no response, have to plead,” – said in ECC.

Recall that the representatives of the National body, Freedom and the Right sector on the evening of 16 October seized the building of the helipad of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych on Park road in Kiev.

Later, the press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan said that the building of a helipad on Park road in Kiev belongs to the state and the meaning of its block no.