Raising tariffs, the government must raise salaries and pensions, – Skorik

Повышая тарифы, власть обязана поднять зарплаты и пенсии, - Скорик

The growth of prices in April confirmed the predictions of experts that recorded in the budget 13% inflation are unrealistic. This was stated by MP from the “Opposition” bloc Mykola Skoryk, commenting on the message of the state statistics that inflation in April was 3.5%. According to the Deputy, at such price increase, the Parliament must put in the agenda the bill “the Opposition bloc” on amendments to the budget that increases the minimum wage and pensions for 400-500 USD.

“The 3.5% inflation in April is an indicator on the level of 2015, when prices on most goods have doubled, and gas prices – seven times. In this case the budget of 2016 is planned inflation of 13% and the same growth of social standards. The government once again stealing from the Ukrainians, it is clear that the growth of salaries and pensions to 100 USD will not cover the cost of “communal”, which for most Ukrainians increase by 1000 hryvnia per month. The robbery of the people has to stop. Raising tariffs, the government must raise salaries and pensions to the appropriate level”, – said Mykola Skoryk.

According to him, in January, the Opposition bloc has submitted to the Parliament draft amendments to the budget that solves this problem. “We proposed a fair budget with the actual figures of inflation. This allows you to allocate an additional 62 billion to increase salaries and pensions. The authorities are obliged to take our bill or give place to the professionals who will be able to improve the lives of people”, – said the MP.

Skorik recalled: 3,5% inflation in April because of rising tariffs is only the beginning announced in 2016, the increase in prices for utilities. “In April, the first time people have paid for electricity at the new prices, it is paid enterprise and, therefore, started to increase the prices of their goods and services. And ahead – bills with in may has risen in price twice the gas, almost double rise in prices for heating and hot water in July, another 25% electricity price hike in September. If it does not raise salaries and pensions, as it makes power, then people will have nothing to pay the bills”, – the politician considers.

“The government must recognize that the budget is unrealistic. And, recognizing this, to vote for the bill “the Opposition bloc”. The only way to really help the Ukrainians to survive the constant increase in utility bills,” said Skorik.

Recall, as reported by the state statistics service, inflation in April was 3.5%, which corresponds to the annual inflation rate of 42%. From March 1, in Ukraine increased electricity by 25% (from 45 to 57 kopecks. for 1 kW), from 1 may the minimum price of gas for the population increased from 3.6 to USD 6,879 USD per cubic meter. From 1 July to 1.9 times increase of prices for heating and hot water, from 1 September the price of electricity will increase from 57 to 71.4 cents for 1 kW.