Ramos: With the arrival of Zizou a lot has changed

Рамос: С приходом Зизу многое поменялось

Sergio Ramos

Captain of real Madrid, the Spaniard Sergio Ramos commented on the victory of his team in the Champions League final.

The best player of yesterday’s final, Sergio Ramos believes that winning his team fully deserved.

“Amazing feeling, two wins in three years! The reward for a tough season. We reached the final and won again – incredible, indescribable! These emotions will always occupy a special place in my heart.

Atletico played great. He had a great season, but the nature of football is that both teams can not win. Fortunately, taking home the Cup we.

Feelings incredible. Feel great emotion when holding a Cup, as a member of the best team on the planet, and this is my first year as captain. First time is always special. Lisbon triumph was incredible because of the scenario of the match and the result. The current is also fantastic and will always be in my heart.

Every time, performing penalty can be set positively or negatively. Whether it’s the panenka [scoring in the semi-finals of Euro 2012]? Or like Bayern [not scored in the Champions League semi-final-2012]? Or even better not to approach the ball? Football is a cruel game. Penalties – roulette, than all ended – in victory or defeat,” said the Spaniard.

Among other things, captain of the Royal club noted the importance of the win in yesterday’s first team coach Frenchman Zinedine Zidane.

“As for Zizou, from the first day he brought in a team of modesty, work and determination. The change of coach was very important. He gave us something we never had before. Our victory is well deserved and good that we celebrate together with him.

With the arrival of Zizou a lot has changed. Better atmosphere in the locker room, we were United. With Benitez, we also experienced the pleasant moments. It’s like a family: sometimes get along, sometimes not. We have achieved success thanks to their efforts, work and optimism,” concluded Ramos.

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