Ranieri: I am 30 years moved to such achievements

Раньери: Я 30 лет двигался к подобным достижениям

Claudio Ranieri

Coach Lester Claudio Ranieri in an interview with Sky Sports admitted that the outgoing year was the most successful in its tre

“I’ve never won a national championship, so 2016 was the best in my career,” Ranieri started.

“But I also can’t forget that started from the bottom and, like Jamie Vardy, he passed on his way a lot. I am 30 years moved to the title, and it means that I did a great job. So I am very happy”.

Also, the Italian coach of Leicester spoke about his relationship with the players, noting that he would not call their friendship.

“We are very close with my players, but it is not friendship. In my nature to talk to people as I do it in everyday life. Football, I think, in General, very similar to life – in both cases you either win or lose. But in difficult moments one must always stay together.”

“That’s why I don’t criticize their players and not accuse them of error. I tell them that everyone makes mistakes, but you have to understand where you did in the future to act differently, more correctly. That’s my philosophy,” concluded the best coach in the Premier League last season.

Note that winning in the 2015/16 season the title of Champions of England this season, Lester is only on 15th place in the 17 rounds having scored only four victories. However, in the Champions League, where the Foxes play for the first time in its history, the team is much better – she confidently took the first place in their group, and in 1/8 finals will meet with Sevilla.

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