Raonic started working with Criticom

Раонич начал сотрудничество с Крайчеком

Milos Raonic

The first racket of the Canada Milos Raonic announced the name of their new coach.

Recall, last season the coach of Raonic was Carlos Moya, with whom the 25-year-old canadian gave the best season of his career. However, at the end of November, the cooperation with the Spaniard was dismissed and Milos began the search for a new coach. By the way, Sam, Moya found a new job sooner than Raonic new coach yesterday, Carlos joined the team of his compatriot Rafael Nadal.

The new coach of the loonie Richard Krajicek, previously won at Wimbledon. It is in Dutch Raonic had planned to work in “herbal” period of the season, but at the last moment agreed with him, and with John McEnroe, under the mentorship of which managed to reach his first final at the Grand Slam tournaments.

Interestingly, the game Krajicek, as the style of Raonic, built on a powerful serve. Moreover Richard is the fifth largest in the history of tennis in number of aces (7694 ACE at 630-five matches).

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