Rayo Vallecano – real Madrid 2:3 Online broadcast of the match championship of Spain

Райо Вальекано - Реал Мадрид 2:3 Онлайн трансляция матча чемпионата Испании

Rayo Vallecano – real Madrid Online stream match of the championship Spain

Real Madrid with Rayo Vallecano will play on April 23, match 35-th round of the championship of Spain. Read online broadcast of the match Rayo Vallecano – real Madrid, which will start at 17:00

Rayo Vallecano – Real Madrid 2 : 3

Goal: Miku (14), Adrian Embarba Of (7) – Gareth Bale (81), Lucas Vázquez (52), Gareth Bale (35)

Rayo Vallecano: Main: Juan Carlos, Kini Marin, Antonio Amaya, José Ángel Crespo, Tito, Sanchez Ruiz Jozabed, Roberto Trasorras, Of Adrian Embarba, Pablo Hernandez, Tiago, Miku, Coach: Paco Hemes, Spare: Iturra, Guerra, Razvan Rat

Real Madrid: Main: The Keilor Navas, Danilo, Pepe, Raphael Varane, Marcelo, ISCO, Toni Kroos, Niko Kovačić, Gareth Bale, Jesé, Karim Benzema, Coach: Zinedine Zidane, Subs Not Used: Lucas Vázquez, Luka Modric, James Rodriguez

1: Sounds the starting whistle, the match began. The ball in midfield played football, Rayo Vallecano

2: the field is a struggle, none of the teams is still unable to approach the opponent’s penalty area

3: Benzema received a pass in the penalty RAO and flicked the ball to Bale. Gareth struck a powerful shot from outside the penalty area but the ball hit the post and left the field

6: real Madrid seized the initiative in the match but Rayo Vallecano meets the opponent’s attacks by pressing

7: Rayo Vallecano opened the scoring. “Pchela” pressure didn’t allow the real to move from protection to attack and have possession of the ball. Tiago enters the penalty area of real Madrid gives a pass and the center of the penalty on the Last Amberboa hits the ball enters the goal!

10: Rayo Vallecano, scoring a goal, seized the initiative in the match. The real more to have to defend themselves

12: hernanes chipped the ball into the Rayo penalty on Benzema, the latter tried to break the contact on goal, but the kick of the real failed

14: a Cold shower for real satisfied with Rayo Vallecano. In Madrid the shower, and after a corner Miku’s head sent the ball into the goal

16: Rayo Vallecano felt the blood rival, and “bees” continue to attack real Madrid

18: Rayo plays a corner kick. Trasorras hung in the penalty area of real Madrid, but the Madrid defenders cleared the ball into the box

19: Tiago from the left flank into the penalty box of real beats, but his shot blocking in Pepe

21: Rayo Vallecano rushed to the counter. Embarba flies into the penalty area of real Madrid, releasing themselves from the ball. Navas out of the gate and goes to the ball, Embarba also flies the ball and the players collide with each other.

23: Embarba received minor damage after colliding with Navas, but after he was examined by physicians, he returned to the field

26: Rayo Vallecano does nothing to create their gates to the real world. Zidane nervous and waves his hands to the team to start to play

27: Tiago from distance struck a powerful shot on goal, real, but Navas parried a strike for Rayo Vallecano

30: Kovacic broke into the Rayo penalty area, went to the bar and struck by the gate

33: real regained the initiative in the match, but to create something dangerous at gate of the rival team Zidane cannot

35: real Madrid scores after a corner. Kroos hung in the penalty area, bale’s header and the ball enters the goal

37: the real continues to attack his opponent. Royal club wants before the break to level the score in the match

40: Karim Benzema on the left flank tried to beat one in a defender but lost the ball

41: Zidane already to prepare a replacement

42: change in the real. Instead of Benzema came on the pitch for Lucas vázquez

44: Rayo Vallecano managed to move the game from their gates in the center of the field

45: First half ends with the score 2:1, waiting for the second half of the match. Break!

46: second half Began. The ball in midfield played football, real Madrid

47: In Madrid over the rain, over a field of sunshine. Can real start to play their game in the second half and will be able to recoup

50: the Teams are on a collision course, while in the second half with no shots on goal

52: real Madrid to level the scores in the match. Danilo from the right flank of the front line hung in the penalty area Rayo, Vazquez headed the ball into the goal!

53: Jozabed (Rayo Vallecano) is cautioned by the referee, real Madrid won the right to a standard free kick from Rayo Vallecano

54: ISCO struck free-kick, the ball flew over the crossbar

55: Double substitution Rayo Vallecano. Instead of Jocabed on the left Iturra

55: Guerra on the field was replaced by Hernandez

57: real Madrid earned a corner-kick on the left flank. Kroos hung in the penalty area, but the defenders carried the ball into the box

59: Jesé broke into the Rayo penalty area and shot straight into the chest of the goalkeeper

62: Crespo for a foul against ISCO gets a yellow card

63: change in the real. Is Jesé on the left Modric

66: Kovacic is shown a yellow card

67: Iturra (Rayo Vallecano) is cautioned by the referee

69: Began rough game played by both teams. A lot of joints, and as a consequence, many stops in the game

72: Trasorras shot from outside the penalty area of real Madrid, but the ball flew straight into the hands of Navas

73: Trasorras (Rayo Vallecano) is shown a yellow card

74: bale’s right-flank cross in the center of the goalkeeper on Vasquez, but the ball ahead of the defender Rayo Vallecano

76: Amaya (Rayo Vallecano) is shown a yellow card

77: Substitution Rayo Vallecano. Tito is on the left Razvan rat

78: Substitution in the real. Instead Kovacic on the left herriges

81: Gareth bale broke at speed into the box and hammer the ball into the goal!

82: Now it’s safe to say that replacing Zidane played. Real, playing during the match 2:0, managed to equalize and then go ahead in the match with Rayo Vallecano

83: rat (Rayo Vallecano) is shown a yellow card

85: real Madrid cf after a goal scored lowered the pace of the game, the team Zidane was more thinking about protection?

87: the real in creating their attacks use far transfer to Bale or Vasquez. Don’t go “creamy” forward a large force

89: it Started to rain and the fans headed for the exits

90: Dry the real game in the end of the match. Recall that three days later the Madrid club will play in the Champions League with Manchester city

90+2: Rayo Vallecano goes forward, the modest Spanish club tries to snatch a draw in the match

90+4: the final whistle is blown, the match is over

The Liga 35th round

Rayo Vallecano – Real Madrid

April 23, Madrid, stadium: Campo de Vallecas. Start of match: 17: 00 est

Referee: Alejandro hernández

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