Razumkov signed three laws Zelensky

Разумков подписал три закона Зеленского

All documents after the signature of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada passed the President’s signature Zelensky.

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov signed a law regulating the procedure of impeachment of the President and the law requiring all cases of SAP and the NABOO to send in the anti-corruption court. This is evidenced by pages of relevant bills on the Parliament website.

A bill On special procedure of elimination of the President of Ukraine from office (impeachment) No. 1012 determines the procedure for removal of the President from office.

“Impeachment is extrajudicial constitutional process, the content of which the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the case of committing high treason or other crimes by the President of Ukraine may prematurely terminate its powers, shifting from his post”, – the document says.

To initiate impeachment can not less than 226 deputies, whose signatures may not be withdrawn from view.

The inclusion of this item in the agenda of the session should vote not less than 226 deputies.

To investigate within 30 days, a special parliamentary temporary investigative Commission.

The bill On amendments to the law of Ukraine On Higher anti-corruption court (relative to the beginning of the court) No. 1025 establishes that in the cases investigated by the NAB and SAP, other investigative judges stop accepting petitions and complaints, and other courts of first instance conviction. Instead, such motions and indictments represent Vasu.

The courts of appeal stop taking of the appeal in these cases; the exception is the appeals chamber of the HAC.

However, the bill does not provide for changes in the articles of the CCP on the subject of anti-corruption jurisdiction of the Supreme court.

Also the head of Parliament signed the law that postpones the penalties for eurobserv.

As reported, the Parliament adopted the law on impeachment of the President September 10, immediately after voting in the first and second reading.