Ready to use force. Squads of Azov on the streets

Готовы применить силу. Дружины Азова на улицах

Nationalists from the party “national building” presented his own public organization “National militia”, which promises to restore order in Ukraine

Ukrainian Facebook is actively discussing a video in which hundreds of young people in the same uniform and balaclavas were marching in the center of Kiev.

Guys don’t have state of the Ukrainian flag in his hands, and they call themselves the National guards, and promise to patrol the Ukrainian city.

“Legalization aunts”, “entertainment Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov” – national combatants in a Network have different names. collected all known information about a new branch of the Azov shelf.

What organization?

The party’s national body, which came from the Azov regiment, headed by people’s Deputy Andrey Biletsky presented the organization of the National guards.

The terrorists walked from the Alley of the Heavenly Hundred on Khreshchatyk and ended up in the fortress Oblique caponier (Kyiv Fortress). After that, they took the oath. The ceremony conducted personally Biletsky.

In most organizations claim that it is “to ensure order in the streets of Ukrainian cities”. At the same time to ensure that it will be by force: “We are many. We are not afraid to use Force to set on the streets of the Ukrainian Order!”

Volunteers say they will patrol the streets free because the police “a little and it was not all squeaky clean.”

The national team explained that they decided to organize because of the raiding, the social misery, danger on the streets and threats of full-scale invasion. To do with the protection of public order, the protection of small and medium business, as well as propaganda of healthy way of life.

The official website of the brigades stated that the organization included former combatants, public-spirited young people and caring citizens.

Led the organization one of the leaders of the Azov Igor Mikhailenko (Cherkasy). Earlier the journalist Artem Furmanyuk wrote with reference to sources in Security Service of Ukraine that the head of the “National teams” Igor Mikhailenko, and then a member of the Azov regiment, was involved in the case about the robbery of collectors of “Oschadbank” in the Zaporozhye region in 2016.

“At one time it was even rumoured that he was forced to flee abroad, then he is unofficially on the “Azov” bases, and more recently, Mikhailenko seen in Kiev. It is obvious that the efforts of the head of the “Weather service” of the regiment “Azov” Mikhail Ivanchuk (Bulat) on the collapse of the criminal case were not in vain,” said a journalist in the summer of 2017.

However officially in SBU information linking it Mikhaylenko to the case, either then or later not confirmed.

Is it legal?

Ukrainian legislation provides for the registration of public associations that carry out assistance to law enforcement agencies in the protection of public order and state border. However, such actions should be coordinated with law enforcement agencies, said the adviser of Minister of internal Affairs Ivan Varchenko.

“Members of these organizations have the right to protection of a public order together with the National police or the National guard. The fact that now there are organizations who want to engage in this process, it’s perfectly legal, they have the right, but, together with representatives of the National police, respectively, to ensure that they agree how and where exactly they will implement this, for example, patrolling in the streets, or alternating” he explained.

According to the Advisor, the guards have the same rights and responsibilities that any other citizen.

Varchenko said that all have the right to observe compliance with the law by other people. However, citizens cannot perform a significant number of functions that are only entitled to the police.

“We would advise all citizens who want to use, for example, non-lethal weapons, or to carry out valuable work for the protection of public order, to join in the work of such organizations that officially operate in conjunction with the National police,” – said the adviser to the interior Minister.

However, citizens with no police powers have no right to demand documents from the other citizens.

“In order to fully be able to protect the public order, it is necessary to work together with the National police, which has in its powers the ability to check the documents of a citizen, perhaps, to make the examination of things, or the ability to stop the vehicles,” – said the Advisor.

He added that in case of violation of the law, every citizen has the right and sometimes is obliged to react to it.

“When another person performs a specific offence of public order, then it is possible to stop this violation, but to call the police and together with the police to finalise the situation,” explained Varchenko.

Where is the money?

Azov, and later, and the party “national corpus” is traditionally associated with the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. Fairly relaxed attitude of the MIA to the emergence of such structures, claiming the use of force, confirms this.

The representative of the “National corpus” Roman Chernyshev said that the terrorists are “working” in the framework of social organization on a voluntary basis.

“In fact, this part of the Azov movement. It is a voluntary Association to maintain order on the streets, patrolling the streets, combating alcohol and drug dens, and in General to assist where state organs or can not or do not want to help the Ukrainian society,” he said.

According to the representative of Nazarus, Finance their businesses, however, which did not elaborate.

“Azov is a movement that includes many organizations, political party Neckaches, and many public organizations and foundations. And we have many, many business representatives from all over Ukraine … Of course, as political parties help business representatives, then we do it the same way,” said Chernyshev.

However, while Ukrainians such marches in the capital and the emergence of such organizations is rather frightening and alarming.

But Russian media did not fail to tell “about the capture of Kiev by the Nazis”, showing the March of the National teams.