Real Madrid – Juventus 0:3. Online match

Реал Мадрид – Ювентус 0:3. Онлайн матча

The return match between real Madrid and Juventus in the Champions League quarter-finals will be held on Wednesday, April 11. Online broadcast of the match real Madrid vs Juventus on Корреспондент.net.

Real Madrid and Juventus will meet in the final match of the quarterfinals of the Champions League. A ticket to 1/2 finals teams will compete Wednesday, April 11. The match is scheduled for 21:45 Kyiv time.

Make the return match will be Madrid’s cube at the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu”. Judge Madrid and Juventus are the team of referees from England. Main referee of the match will be Michael Oliver.

Betting company Favorit Sport is the favorite of the match believes the home team. The coefficient on the victory of real and 1.57, for a draw of 4.4, on the victory of Juventus and 5.6.

Real Madrid – Juventus: online broadcast of the UEFA Champions League on Корреспондент.net:

Thank you for being with us! Up to new meetings!

That was a sight! Real have conceded three, but still pressurizes Juve in the last seconds and the semi-finals. Ronaldo scores from the spot, Buffon is removed! It was very hot!


90+6 Interchange we have today, Hollywood is right! And that’s not all. The game goes on. Juve moving forward.

90+5 COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is impossible to beat! Right into the top corner put Ronaldo! 1:3!!! Real Madrid in the semi-finals!

90+4 Szczesny comes out instead of Higuain, he will try to repel penalty from Ronaldo! Here is the scenario we have today. The super match!


90+2 PENALTY!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE IS A TWIST!!! Vasquez was hit by Benatia! Doge has real!

90+1 real attack, Juve only defending itself.

90. Benatia receives a yellow card. Juve are probably only a few players without a card.

89. Ramos is very nervous in the stands, it would now be on the field, just his time has come.

86. Ronaldo has already kind of in focus, and still haven’t scored.

82. Presses real, it is enough to score at least one goal.

81. Marcelo got a yellow for a foul on Douglas Costa.

80. Already Celine attempt on their goal – too wide.

79. Lizard with the eight meters has turn – by. Very lucky guests today.

78. ISCO! Finally, the normal moment, the real world, but Buffon continues to save Juve.

75. Croatian replacement at real Madrid: Modric Kovacic instead. Now the midfield of real will more energetic.

73. On the defensive Juventus the last minute. Douglas Costa earned a yellow. It will be hard for guests in full force until the end of the game to finish.

69. Asensio with a dangerous free-kick struck the crossbar.

67. In full prostration Madrid and Santiago Bernabeu. One Ronaldo tries to play penalty earns.

64. Well, what’s real? To play that will be?

63. If such account be maintained, there will be extra time.

61. WHAT’S GOING ON??? GOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!! Navas goal gave Juventus. Terrible mistake of the goalkeeper has released the ball and Matuidi made it into the empty net. 0:3!

59. The TIME at Juve. Iguana brought to the kick, Navas adequately meets the penalty area.

57. Ronaldo immediately firing into the corner from 14 metres-ti! BUFFON pulls.

52. Ronaldo wound up, beat a few players, the stands waved, asking for more support.

51. Waiting for both teams, the margin for error is now very large.

49. Douglas Costa continues to mock teammate Marcelo. Again beat one to one Costa has punched by gate.

48. Vasquez and Asensio was clever in attack and lost the ball.

47. Juventus recall to score at least once.

46. Two substitutions from real Madrid. Vasquez is Casemiro and Asensio instead of bale. Strengthened the flanks Zidane, which many innings was at Juve.

Juventus works wonders, and wins in two goals in Madrid. And yet they are very lucky, if will also take in the second half, what the hell, and in the semi-finals to get through.


45. See today is very lucky! Ronaldo earned a free kick on the left flank. A cross from Kroos was met by Varane – were saved by the CROSSBAR!

43. Juventus long hill real penalty, but eventually lost the ball. ISCO broke up a counterattack of real Madrid, but Ronaldo instead of hitting began again to ask for a penalty.

40. Not to say that real Madrid is playing bad, or that See something supernatural shows. But the account 0:2. The murderous implement from the Italian champion.

38. Mandzukic played for Atletico, he’s a real old scores.

37. AAAAAAAA THAT’S HOT!!!!!!! COOOOOOOOLLLL!!!! JUVENTUS! Real attacked, and scored Juventus. Lichsteiner filed, mandžukić scored by a head. It’s simple! 0:2! The intrigue alive.

35. Again Lichsteiner fouls on Ronaldo, and this time received a yellow card. You see, the Swiss only one on the field today.

34. GREAT MOMENT! Ronaldo brought real Madrid’s ISCO one-on-one with Buffon, but the Italian veteran saved!

Brewing goal, compare have already had the expense of the owners.

33. ISCO also on target. Presses real, Juventus had long been attacked.

32. Kroos brought to the blow, and he knocked out the.. And went German on German.

31. Ronaldo never ceases to complain to the referee. Lichsteiner, by the way, fouled. Maybe it has been released?

30. Filing Kroos’s free-kick ended with a rebound of Marcelo. The shot was spectacular, but very inaccurate.

29. Mandzukic avenged Carvajal – not too yellow.

25. Khedira gets his shot on target his former team – above the gate.

22. The Carvajal yellow card for a foul on Mandzukic.

21. Costa broke up a promising counter-attack, and he ruined it inaccurate transmission.

19. Ronaldo again beat Benatia. Now the Algerian is fouled, Cristiano was very unhappy.

18. Real took the ball and calmly builds attack, calmed down the game.

17. Allegri does a very early replacement. Lichsteiner change De sciglio. Italian coach unhappy with the level of opposition Ronaldo?

16. Pjanic fouls yellow, was detained by ISCO in midfield.

15. A dangerous corner was filed by guests, but really the impact is not reached.

14. See immediately answers, Carvajal interrupts a dangerous cross. The game looks on one breath. Attack attack is coming.

13. Another moment of real life. Ronaldo rasprashivaete two feints – beats, Buffon on the spot. The arbitrator found that CSIS already finished from an offside position. If it was out of the game, not the most obvious.

12. Carvajal broke up the attack of real life, to complete it had ISCO, but after a pass from Kroos, the Spaniard to punch plainly has not managed.

10. THE ANSWER IS REAL! A beautiful combination brought bale back, Buffon saved, rebound heel with Gareth did not.

9. Attack of the real life ends Ronaldo’s defender.

8. Douglas Costa has not yet set the most active on the field.

7. ANOTHER MOMENT! Douglas Costa easily beat Marcelo, runs about flank shoots, but Higuain can’t beat Navas in the melee.

5. Guests loaded feeds from the flank, trying to take advantage of the absence of Ramos.

3. Juve continue to press, the example of the Roma is contagious. Real in shock from such impudence.

2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! ГООООООООООООООООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ!!!!!! IN THE FIRST ATTACK! JUVENTUS! Douglas Costa broke up the attack, Khedira filed, and Mandzukic scored! 1:0! Give two?

1. Ronaldo has already managed to shoot between tion of Benatia.


Not on the field, by the way, and Benzema instead of him playing bale.

The real is not part of Ramos – disqualification. Young will replace it with Vallejo. The defender generally debut in the Champions League in this status match.

Real won the first match on departure with the score 3:0. To pass on to Juventus need a miracle. Roma yesterday was vouchsafed a miracle, See.


Real Madrid

Navas, Varane, Marcelo, Carvajal, Vallejo, ISCO, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Bale, Ronaldo.


Buffon, Benatia, Alex Sandro, De Sciglio, Chiellini, Pjanic, Khedira, Matuidi, Douglas Costa, Mandzukic, Higuain.

After the defeat against real Madrid in the Champions League final 2017, Juventus could not take advantage of a second chance. The team at native field, he first earned serious defeat 0:3 from real Madrid. Two goals against Gianluigi Buffon scored by Cristiano Ronaldo and one from the filing of the same Ronaldo, Marcelo.

That Juventus will be able to come back after such a crushing defeat, don’t believe the head coach of the “Old seniors”.

Allegri believes that the team will be real

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