Real Madrid – Liverpool 1:0. Online Champions League final

Реал – Ливерпуль 1:0. Онлайн финала Лиги чемпионов

Saturday, 26 may, in Kiev will host the final match of Champions League between real Madrid and Liverpool. Online broadcast of Champions League final real Madrid – Liverpool on Корреспондент.net.

The final of the Champions League between Liverpool and real Madrid will be held in the capital of Ukraine. The decisive match will take the NSC “Olympic”. The beginning of the game scheduled for 21: 45 Kyiv time.

Bukmekerskaya company Favorite Sport favorite here believes real Madrid. To win the Madrid club rates are accepted with factor 2. To win Liverpool to 3.45. A draw in regular time of 4.1.

The match real Madrid – Liverpool online stream of Champions League final on Корреспондент.net:

51. GOOOOL!!!!!! Incredibly funny goal!!! And it is in the Champions League final! Before this I only saw in the yard. Carius threw the ball, and Benzema just put your foot in it! The ball in the goal. A terrible, terrible mistake of the goalkeeper of Liverpool! Incredible!

48. The CROSSBAR!!!!!! SUPER CHANCE. ISCO already beaten virtually empty goal after cutting Lalani, but hit the woodwork. Very lucky red.

46. A little bit about the importance of Salah for Liverpool.

9 – Liverpool mustered nine shots in the first-half with Mohamed Salah on the pitch, and none after he was subbed off. Setback. #RMALIV

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) may 26, 2018


The Champions League final – football little drama a lot.


45. After the injury of Salah Liverpool very wilted. Only real crushes.

42. The goal was scored by real, but the referee canceled out for offside. Blow Ronaldo’s head Karius pulled out, with the rebound Benzema failed. But the judges decided that the Frenchman was offside.

36. Carvajal, Nacho changes. A serious loss for real Madrid. Possibly the best right-back in the world now they will not help. Nacho plays much worse in attack than Dani.

35. Now crying Carvajal, and his injury! Wow! Some drama with us.

Реал – Ливерпуль 1:0. Онлайн финала Лиги чемпионов

So went Carvajal

33. Without Salah Liverpool closed in their own half, and real attacks.

29. Without Salah it will be a completely different game. Lallana come on instead of him on the field. Well, now every player Liverpool need to play for myself and for Salah.

Реал – Ливерпуль 1:0. Онлайн финала Лиги чемпионов

It looks like desperation

27. All! This is a drama! On Reds without their best player, without a phenomenal Salah. Ramos ran again apologized, but Salah that does not help. Egyptian cries and leaves the field. Partners support it.

Реал – Ливерпуль 1:0. Онлайн финала Лиги чемпионов

So leaving Salah

Реал – Ливерпуль 1:0. Онлайн финала Лиги чемпионов

It all supported

26. The Salah of the problem after meeting with Ramos, his collarbone injured. Reds fans are praying that their main star continued to play.

25. With the most dangerous positions in the penalty area punched Firmino, but his shot was blocked by Sergio Ramos and the second pace with a shot of Alexander-Arnold managed Navas.

21. A verbal warning is expressed by Milorad Magic Milner for his foul on Carvajal. Still without a yellow.

17. Carvajal strange transmission came up with a corner for Liverpool. And it was dangerous, Navas wrong exit and van Dijk could have scored if he hit the gate.

15. Christiano is on the right flank, very dangerous shot to the near corner, but just wide.

14. Two strikes in a row was blocked by the defenders of Madrid, and then Navas intercepted the cross. Sharper, much sharper than Liverpool. The Spaniards just kept the ball in their half of the field and all.

11. Marcelo struck by the gate.

10. Liverpool yet much more active. The real only one Apsny approach to the gate.

8. But Navas is already on the case came out, took the ball at the feet of Alexander Arnold.

7. Varane intercepts cutting the transmission on Sado Manet. Navas came out for some reason.

5. Salah earned a dangerous free kick, but Rozygrysh failed.

4. Wijnaldum brought to the strike, but the Dutchman shot blocked.

3. Carius jump knocks a cross from Carvajal, but ISCO was still in an offside position.

2. What Liverpool will do next, the main sensation? Red normally begin with active pressure, but the real calm on the ball.

1. Zidane put up a traditional structure, and left on the bench bale, who scored a perfect shape.

Liverpool’s squad also all expected.


The team gets on the field. The atmosphere is fantastic!

Real Madrid fans unfurled a huge banner. The Champions League anthem played live.

Cup to the stadium took out Andriy Shevchenko.

This is it.#UCLfinal

— #UCLfinal (@ChampionsLeague) 26 may 2018.

While singing Dua Lipa, Olympic populated.


Real Madrid

Navas, Varane, Marcelo, Carvajal, Ramos, Modric, Casemiro, ISCO, Kroos, Ronaldo, Benzema.


Carius, Lovren, Robertson, Alexander-Arnold, van Dyck, Firmino, Wijnaldum, Salah, Milner, Manet, Henderson.

The best soccer of your hysni today in Kiev!

The main match of the European football season will be held in Kiev! This is a must see! Watching together!

A great day for Ukraine!!!

Real Madrid has won a place in the final, beating Bayern Munich. The first match was won by real 1:2. These two away goals ensured real Madrid to the finals. Leg clubs played a draw – 2:2. It is worth noting that the star of real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo in the semi-finals are not scored. Distinguished Marcelo and Marco Asensio in the first leg, and Karim Benzema – brace in the second.

Реал – Ливерпуль 1:0. Онлайн финала Лиги чемпионов

The second leg of real Madrid and Bayern in the Champions League semi-final (photo: EPA)

Liverpool took place in 1/2 finals of CL Italian Roma. The first match was for England – 5:2 doubles with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Fermino and goal Sadio mane. But the second. meeting Liverpool lost – 4:2. But the ticket to the final two matches went to the team of Klopp.

Реал – Ливерпуль 1:0. Онлайн финала Лиги чемпионов

Liverpool beat Roma on the basis of two matches (photo: EPA)

Previously, the clubs met in two draws of Euro cups. In the 2014/15 season they played in group stage, both times of real have a clean score – 0:3 and 1:0. In the season 2008/09 Champions League the team played in 1/8 finals. Then twice without a single goal scored, lost the real Madrid – 0:1 and 4:0.

UEFA have already decided the referee, who will judge the final match of the Champions League. Match real Madrid – Liverpool judge Milorad Magic from Serbia.

The people of Kiev offer fans of League of Champions free housing

On the eve of the final Mat of the Champions League in Kiev, unknown assailants attacked the Liverpool fans.

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