Real teeth. Scientists were able to restore enamel

Настоящие зубы. Ученые смогли восстановить эмаль

How to restore tooth enamel

Dentistry knows many methods of strengthening and protecting tooth enamel, but none of them were allowed to maintain its natural structure.

Tooth enamel is the hardest element in the human body, but it has a significant drawback – the inability to regenerate after damage.

But the Chinese scientists were able to restore the structure of tooth enamel: during the treatment a special gel crystals grow of enamel directly on the tooth. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Apply the gel for 48 hours

The enamel of the human tooth is characterized by a complex scaly hierarchical structure. Properly Packed elongated crystals provide mechanical strength and durability.

Growth of enamel occurs at the border of amorphous and crystalline phases, amorphous and crystalline cases, continuing the epitaxial growth. When this natural process ends, the enamel alone is not restored.

Despite the strength of tooth enamel, it is easily damaged by acid, which leads to exposure of dentin and tooth destruction. This process has caused more than 2.4 billion cases of caries of the known.

According to the publication Science Advances, a group of researchers from Zhejiang University led by Dr. Jamin Liu has developed a gel which, after curing, acquires the properties and strength comparable to natural tooth enamel and even superior in mechanical characteristics.

Using ion clusters of calcium phosphate, a stabilized volatile organic compound, the researchers grew the damaged enamel artificial.

Dentistry knows many methods of strengthening and protecting tooth enamel, but none of them were allowed to maintain its natural structure.

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All the technology development gel scientists at the moment not disclosed, but they said that in order to achieve such results, they used triethylamine, a substance that slows down the “caking” of conglomerates of calcium phosphate, which allows more tightly to their “pack”.

The experiment was conducted on the removed teeth damaged by acids. They were in solution, recreating the identical human body conditions.

After processing of building material of silica gel is included in the composition of the old crystals and in 48 hours they grow 0,0027 mm.

Настоящие зубы. Ученые смогли восстановить эмаль

Green represents the processed gel phase

Already a small result changes the properties of the tooth: restore the mechanical strength of the enamel and decreases its coefficient of friction.

Expert in prosthodontics, king’s College London, Sheriff Elsharkawy says that the result needs to improve to 0.5 mm, this method began to be applied in practice.

However, it is now clear that the procedure can be repeated many times, building one layer on top of another.

The inventors are confident that their work will significantly expand knowledge of biomineralization.


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