Rebrov commented on the abolition of the 1/4 of the Cup of Ukraine

Ребров прокомментировал отмену 1/4 Кубка Украины

Serhiy Rebrov

The coach of Dynamo Kiev Sergei Rebrov commented on the cancellation of the match 1 / 4 finals against Naftovik-Ukrnafta.

We will remind, today due to poor field condition matches of Shakhtar and Dynamo in the Ukrainian Cup Ukraine have been cancelled. Most likely, the First League clubs are waiting for a technical defeat.

The head coach of the Ukrainian Champions said his team was ready to play at any quality of the pitch.

“Honestly, I don’t know who should answer for it. It is not force majeure, because everyone knew it would be such a low temperature. Why do we and the miner was flying in these games if I knew all that playing would be impossible? While I fully understand the team of Akhtyrka, which was waiting for this match. But why FFU could not move from these games in the spring or to hold them where there is a heated field? I think that affected local fans, and Dynamo Kiev, which travelled a great distance to come here.

The guys were motivated, wanted to play. I saw them that they were ready to play on any field. But again, who should be responsible for it? Why do we and the miner was flying at these games, knowing that the fields will not be ready?

Can be any force-majeure circumstances. But three or five days ago, it was known that there will be low temperature. Why not just move the game in the spring? Moreover, this applies not only to our game and miner, but other. Why Vorskla should play today, and two days later to take us while we rest? I think it’s weird.

If I had to play on these fields? I half of his life practiced on these fields,” – said Ukrainian.

The same news on Rebrov: “Why do we and the miner was flying at these games, knowing that the fields will not be ready?”

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