Rebrov: it is Important that we became Champions in Kiev

Ребров: Важно, что чемпионами мы стали в Киеве

Serhiy Rebrov

Dynamo coach Serhiy Rebrov commented on the victory over Vorskla, which allowed Kiev to become the Champions of Ukraine.

“I would first like to congratulate all of our fans, who certainly have earned a second championship. After last year it was difficult to find motivation to fight. I’m happy for the players and congratulated them. Difficult long before the end to win the championship in the confrontation with opponents Shakhtar Donetsk. Regardless of whether our opponents play at home or away. This season we were a team and in each game proved it.

In today’s game was difficult to put the winning point. The children were worried that something had happened, something not. It is important that we became Champions in Kiev, in front of our fans

There were only emotions, which is now possible to communicate. The President was happy, happy all the guys. Everyone wanted to win in Kiev, we managed to do that. Now we and the players need to rest, the season was very difficult. Despite the fact that we are ahead of schedule became Champions of, the fight was difficult. We don’t need to pay attention how our competition plays. Win all the matches – will become Champions.

I wish the fans that such a feast was not only the last game. Today the ultras all game supported the team, the players sure felt it. I hope next season the fans even more will be coming to the stadium, we try to involve them into the stands. Glad that today has come twenty thousand, although this was less than ten. Unfortunately, in the country now such situation that football is not first. Thank you to our fans, may wish to support our team in good times, and when not everything goes as you want it to

The second championship, of course, heavier. When we began work, was visible to the motivation of the players, desire to regain the championship in Kiev. For a second season, of course, we had to find extra motivation, and that’s what we tried to do. The boys felt that without it the chances to confront with a strong opponent we have,” — said Rebrov.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Dynamo ahead of schedule became the champion of Ukraine.

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