Rebrov: Return Khacheridi in the first team depends on it

Ребров: Возвращение Хачериди в первую команду зависит только от него

Serhiy Rebrov

The head coach of Dynamo Sergei Rebrov told why Yevhen Khacheridi has ceased to be part of the team.

“Khacheridi is our player, I hope it will be a little more serious about their work. Not to me but to the fans and the players who play alongside him. I can’t man at the age of almost 30 years to re-educate.

He needs to understand the color of the club are protected. I require of him only to bestow. If he knows, I look forward to his return to the first team. But here everything depends only on him. It is our personal issues, with which we will deal. Don’t want to talk about them, but it is absolutely business issues.

Before Khacheridi thought that there is no substitute for the Dynamo that he is No. 1 and may relate to the work as he wants. The Dynamo need to “fight” for a place in the squad, as do all the players. They do not receive a salary, but earn it by their labor and then,” – said Rebrov.

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The same news on ribs: Back Khacheridi in the first team depends on it

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