Rebrov: Revenge of the miner? We’re not the Avengers some

Ребров: Реванш у Шахтера? Мы же не мстители какие-то

Serhiy Rebrov

Dynamo coach Serhiy Rebrov has promised that the miner his team will play motivated

“Look, we’re not the Avengers. We deservedly won the championship, and that’s the main thing. Any game with Shakhtar principled and I’m sure the guys are waiting for her. To such opponents must be approached with a cool head, because we are playing against a very skilled team. And to say that now we have to score against Shakhtar three or four goals it would be wrong and ugly.

We will prepare for this game just like all others, doesn’t matter here, we became Champions or not. The game against Shakhtar are always Central, the team will go with maximum motivation

We play, as said in “weak” League. But look at the last game of Shakhtar, they are a very competent team, similar can be said about Dinamo. Yes, there was an outflow of foreign players. But against Shakhtar and Dynamo, all the contestants motivated,” says Serhiy Rebrov.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Dynamo ahead of schedule became the champion of Ukraine. In the next round Dinamo will play with Shakhtar.

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