Rebrov: the Judge has biased attitude to our team

Ребров: Судья предвзято отнесся к нашей команде

Serhiy Rebrov

Rebrov after the defeat in the Cup of Ukraine stated that he did not know whether there will be in the team.

The head coach of Dynamo Kiev Sergei Rebrov after the defeat in the match of the Ukrainian Cup final against Shakhtar said the judge, but acknowledged that it did not cause the defeat of his team.

“I congratulate Shakhtar on the victory. Was an even game, but we the chances they didn’t, and the miner implemented and deservedly won the match.

Whether there was Darijo Srna to get a second yellow card for a foul on Denis Garmash? In our last game against Shakhtar Donetsk four times hit an elbow to the face of the players. But after the game no one said a word about it, and while playing for the fouls were not shown a yellow card. Five times I reviewed the game five times revised these moments. They did not even pay attention.

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I’m sure Srna deserved to get a second yellow card. It is in any case no excuse for us. But I believe that the judge has biased attitude to our team. Although again, that’s no excuse. In a game with such a rival, we missed a lot of chances. And rivals have implemented.

Do I about their future contract renewal? Tomorrow I will have a conversation with the President of the club. Tomorrow you’ll find out,” said Rebrov.

Earlier wrote that Marlos brought Shakhtar a victory over Dynamo in the Ukrainian Cup final. With this victory, Shakhtar caught up with Dynamo for number of wins in the Cup.

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