Rebrov: Vorskla could have scored 5 goals

Ребров: Ворскла могла забить и 5 голов

The coach of Dynamo Kiev Sergei Rebrov commented on the current fiasco of his team in the match against Vorskla Poltava.

“Of course, we lost the case. We created enough scoring chances, but the way we played defense, not stand up to scrutiny. Everyone wants to attack. Again, can’t say that today we do not create heat, but you can’t just forget about defense. In the end, Vorskla we could score three or five goals.

Now I’m not going to blame anyone, it is solely my fault. The team must be prepared so that all of her players take the opponents seriously. The Dnieper and Steel we have been forgiven, and Vorskla no, it had to happen sooner or later.

At the same time, a lot of our problems are not from a good life. Veloso is gone, gone Dragovic, add to this the situation in the infirmary. Compared to last season, our squad has weakened to 4 or 5 positions, and, unfortunately, we are not able to find a replacement for the lost players. We work with those who we have, trying to squeeze the maximum. But again, we have to blame only me.

As for emotional Yarmolenko, all right, if you want, ask a question Andrew. Despite our personnel problems, we always have the top objectives, including in the Champions League. Yes, today we lost, but we are waiting for important matches with Shakhtar and Napoli, and we’ll prepare for them,” concluded the frustrated mentor of Kiev.

Recall that Dinamo lost today Vorskla Poltava.


The same news on Rebrov: “Vorskla could have scored 5 goals”

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