Rebrov won the silver award in Saudi Arabia

Ребров выиграл серебряные награды в Саудовской Аравии

Ukrainian team coach was just one point for the championship.

Al-Ahly of Jeddah, under the leadership of Sergei Rebrov in the final round of the championship of Saudi Arabia defeated outsider Uhud – 1:0.

Alas, this victory was not enough to win the championship. Wards Ukrainian specialist had to rely on the points-al-Hilal match with al-Fateha, but the meeting ended with the score 4:1.

In the end, after 26 rounds, the al-Hilal 56 points, and the team Rebrov – 55. In fact, decisive in the fight for the championship match was the penultimate round in which al-Ahly and al-Hilal played against each other in a draw 0:0.

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