Record Guinness will earn 17 million a year

Рекордсмен Гиннеса будет зарабатывать 17 млн в год

Aroldis Chapman

Baseball player Aroldis Chapman signed a record contract.

Today, one of the most expensive sports clubs in the world – baseball new York Yankees – back to your star reliver part of Aroldis Chapman.

According to USA Today, Chapman, who became the champion of last season in the Chicago cubs, signed a five-year contract with his former team, which a year ago traded him to Cincinnati, and the deadline was given in Chicago.

The contract is for 5 years, during which Cuban will get an incredible 86 million dollars, this agreement became the most expensive in the history of Selivanov (the previous record was set just two days ago 62 million for Mark Melancon from San Francisco Giants).

Note that Aroldis Chapman holds the Guinness Book of records as the man with the fastest flow in the world. His fastball reaches of 105.1 mph (169.14 km/h), and in training he showed submission and 106 miles per hour.

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