Record Ukraine increased its exports of some products

Украина рекордно нарастила экспорт ряда продуктов

In the first three months of the new season grew a record supply of frozen fruits and berries, and onions.

From June to August Ukraine increased its export of frozen berries and fruits are 80% to 20 thousand tonnes.About it reports the Internet portal EastFruit.

“For the first three months of the new season 2018/19 years (June to August), Ukraine has increased the export of frozen fruits and berries and 80% in terms of value, receiving more than $35 million of export revenues. The export volume reached about 20 thousand tons, which was a new record for the first three months of the season,” the statement reads.

According to analysts, the increase in exports of frozen berries became possible due to a sharp increase in raspberry production in 2017, when a large part of production is lost through lack of capacity for freezing. Therefore, in the beginning of 2018 was constructed several new powerful enterprises in the shock freezing of fruits and vegetables, which began to work in the new season.

In 2018, increased the production of strawberry, raspberry, BlackBerry and blueberry, leading to a further drop in their prices. This coincided with high harvest berries, such as blueberry forest. As a result, prices fell and summer raspberries varieties are often bought to freeze for 7-10 UAH/kg, In exceptional cases, prices exceeded 10 UAH/kg. And the fresh market to get the price above 20 UAH/kg was not possible practically to anybody.

Also, according to the portal, for the first two months of the current season dramatically increased the export of onion.

“Onion exports from Ukraine in the first two months of the season 2018/19 years, exceeded nearly 17 times and amounted to 5.7 thousand tons. This was also the highest rate of export of onion for the past seasons for this time of year, because the mass harvesting of late varieties of onion new harvest starts usually only at the end of August”, – stated in the message.

At the same time, analysts say, to talk about the high prospects of export of onion from Ukraine in the new season is premature. The fact that the prices of onions in the first week of September started to grow dynamically amid reports of a relatively low yield of onion in southern regions of Ukraine. Vegetable growers prefer to lay the onions in storage, refrain from its implementation because they believe that will in the winter and spring to obtain for it a higher price.

Today, the wholesale price of onion in the Kherson region exceeded last year by 5% and amounted to 0,15$. per kg, although two weeks ago remained at the level of 0,12-0,13$. per kg.

It should be noted that in the 2017-2018 marketing year, for the first time in the last five years has been a fall in grain exports by 9.6%.


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