Recovery Khedira goes according to plan

Восстановление Хедиры идет по плану

Sami Khedira

Sami Khedira was forced to miss the Cup final and the first part of the preparations for the Euros with the Germany national team.

During yesterday’s match, Khedira led his team with the captain’s armband, and in the break, Sami was replaced.

However, in an interview, halfback admitted that the bulk of the problems behind us and he is preparing for the Euro:

“I feel good. Almost caught up with the partners on the part of physics. I was replaced at half-time for obvious reasons – you should not expose your body to serious stress after recovery. At stake is the championship of Europe. In General I can say that everything is going according to plan and I just don’t want to force events before the start of the Euro.”

Recall that the German was injured all of last season. For this reason, he was able to hold for Juventus only 20 matches.The same news on Restoration Khedira goes according to plan

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