Referendums LDNR: How to travel to Donbass

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

What happened in may 2014, the unrecognized world referendum for the proclamation of the “state” of the DNI and LC.

Two years ago, may 11, in Donetsk and Lugansk regions held a so-called “referendum” on the independence of the breakaway DND and LNR. In the night of 12 may, the separatists have already announced positive results for 89.7% of the “in” in the Donetsk and more than 90% in Luhansk. They are not recognized by the world, but many people in the region still went to the polls and supported psevdorespubliki, even though after a few months of reality has caused some to regret about the made choice.

According to the ex-Governor of Donetsk region Sergey Taruta, people went to the referendum is not “for Russia”, and to show disagreement with the policy of Kiev.

One of the leaders of the separatists, the head of “National Council of DNR” Denis Pushilin, remembering the events of two years ago, blames deputies of the Donetsk regional Council, which are not implemented in the Donbas, the Crimean scenario. “It was necessary to show its durability and vote. The situation would have developed quite differently. But then it was not possible to collect quorum, accordingly, had to proclaim the Republic,” he said in a broadcast on local TV channels.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

Denis Pushilin goes to the Donetsk regional administration after the referendum, 13 may 2014. Photo: EPA/UPG

Pushilin acknowledged that he was waiting for the Crimean scenario: a referendum and then join Russia.

“Of course we wanted somewhere pictured, that will be the same with the Crimean scenario. But it was a hoax. Maybe self-deception… We all remember that the referendum in Crimea was conducted by the current government. It is those who have been elected according to Ukrainian laws. This is what we asked our regional Council. But, as the deputies fled, we were all forced to take. But with all our… as if we never said but we are self-proclaimed”, – he explained.

Long before the referendum, the separatists occupied the building of Donetsk regional administration. The first time it stormed on 3 March. In fact this is what led to the seizure of power and the beginning of military operations in the Donbass. Next (already long) the seizure of the Donetsk regional state administration, which was proclaimed the “Republic” took place on 6 April 2014.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

Invaders Donetsk regional state administration on 6 April and demanded a referendum. Photo: News Of Donbass

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

Denis Pushilin holds a meeting in Donetsk regional state administration seized, 7 April 2014. Photo: News Of Donbass

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

Donetsk regional state administration in the power of the separatists, “the meeting,” 7 April 2014. Photo: News Of Donbass

In Luhansk on 6 April had been a similar event: Pro-Russian activists and thugs in balaclavas stormed the building of regional state administration and hung on it Russian flag. The seizure occurred without losses and without resistance. The police did not interfere, she was taken out of the administration building to the applause of protesters.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

The crowd chanted “Referendum!”, “Russia!” A month later the dream came true: in both regions spent the fateful vote.

By the way, according to the most Pushilin, the ballot box on may 11 were made from scrap materials, the ballots were printed on regular printers. In some areas they were even Ukrainian coat of arms.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

The referendum in Lugansk may 11, 2014: ballot boxes are still with the emblem of Ukraine. Photo: EPA/UPG

It was possible to vote without a passport and on the Internet, and according to some sources several times under different names. In the end, according to the separatist of the CEC, the DNI “voted” 100,63% of the population.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

The referendum in Donetsk, may 11, 2014. Photo: EPA/UPG

Of the more than 400 polling stations of Donetsk opened a little more than 150. Vote as many wanted, formed a huge queue.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

A full house at the referendum on may 11, 2014 in Mariupol (now controlled by Ukraine). Photo: Reuters

In a referendum on may 11, 2014 in Mariupol lined up a long queue

The question was: “do you Support the Act on state independence of the Donetsk people’s Republic?” (LC – Lugansk).

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс
Question on the Donetsk referendum 11.05.2014. Photo: aziksad/Instagram

Police mostly watched events from the later, law enforcement explained its tacit omission of the phrase “to avoid provocations”.

The tragedy ended with the referendum in Krasnoarmeysk, Donetsk region (now controlled by Ukraine). It was disrupted because of civil clashes with armed men in camouflage, areas closed early. Men in camouflage uniforms headed by car to the city Council, the road was blocked by protesting local residents. To ensure passage, the soldiers opened fire first into the air.

Then it turned out that during the shooting killed a local resident. The separatists accused the National guard and the Dnipro battalion, the interior Ministry of Ukraine and the leadership of the Dnipropetrovsk region denied the charges. “Battalion Dnepr fired on the crowd, which protested. One was killed. One was shot in the leg,” – wrote in social networks.

Shooting in Krasnoarmeisk, 11.05.2014

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

Krasnoarmeysk, people are trying to help the wounded in the leg by a local resident, but to save the man failed. Photo: EPA/UPG

At the referendum in Lugansk vengeance handed comment then Deputy, and now declared wanted Oleg Tsarev. “The whole Ukraine was freed from Nazism” – he said. Fugitive ex-MP in Ukraine today accused of appeals to overthrow the government and violate the integrity of the country.

Around midnight on the night of may 12, the self-proclaimed Chairman of the CEC DND Roman Lygin announced the results: 89,7% for the independence of the DNI, of 10.19% — against, 0.74% of the ballots spoiled. In sum – 100,63%.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

Counting bulletina may 11, 2014 in Donetsk. Photo: EPA/UPG

According to the separatists, the final turnout in the referendum on the status of the Donetsk region of Ukraine was 74.87%, Lugansk – 81%.

For independence “Luhansk national Republic” supposedly voted 94-98% of voters.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

In Lugansk may 12, 2014 celebrating the referendum results/Photo: EPA/UPG

Efficiency in the delivery of ballots from far-flung parts of the Donetsk region, where fighting, explained a happy coincidence, and high-speed counting — superhuman efforts of the Commission.

Two weeks after the referendum in Donetsk came the war.

Референдумы в ЛДНР: Как уплывал Донбасс

Donetsk, June 2014

But residents of Lugansk to the sounds of rocket-propelled grenades, explosions and aviation was awakened in the morning of 2 June. On this day in the city centre on the place killed 8 residents.

The war came to Lugansk June 2, 2014

According to the materials: