Regions and brands. A new 24-year-old Deputy Avakov

Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова

Anastasia Deeva photo

Anastasia Deeva – the new Deputy head of the interior Ministry.

In Ukraine there is a new young Deputy Minister.

Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine on European integration was Anastasia Deeva.

24 year old Deeva he was Advisor to the interior Ministry, and before that worked in the Ministry of foreign Affairs on civil contract.

Корреспондент.net collected information on new Ukrainian young talent.

Childhood abroad

In your profile the girl reported that he spent his childhood in England, where he studied “in a small town near Manchester”.

Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова


In 2009, the future Deputy Minister graduated from one of the most prestigious high schools of capital – Klovsky Lyceum of the city of Kiev and entered the Kiev national University named Taras Shevchenko on a speciality political science.

The relationship with the regionals

Deeva herself confirmed that her first official work – the assistant Deputy.

Deeva before her marriage bore the name Shmalko, and in the 6th and 7th convocations of the Verkhovna Rada worked as an assistant of the Deputy from Party of regions Leonid Kozhara, and after he headed the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the government of Mykola Azarov, a while was listed as an assistant, “regionalka” Elena Nemeckoy (a close ally of the late former Prime Minister of the Crimea Vasily Dzharty).

Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова

Anastasia Deeva

In the elections to the Verkhovna Rada in 2014, when according to her bio, she was in Stockholm and has worked as a development Director for international business of the Swedish company, she was also a Trustee of the candidate in people’s deputies, 27-year-old independent candidate Yuri Andrushko on the majority district 94 (Kyiv region).

In Stockholm, according to Deev, she was involved in green technology.

“Engaged in green technologies and was the communication link with customers and partners of our company”, – she said in an interview.

Modest Declaration

In its Declaration, the newly minted Deputy Minister of internal Affairs on European integration declared 4380 hryvnias of grants received in 2015.

She also pointed to 7 hryvnias as of “dividends and interest” and $24 373 income earned abroad.

Immodest preferences

Deeva also presented as a political scientist Anastasia Frank.

It was under this name she gave an interview with Style Insider.

Under the heading “taboo” of the new Ukrainian Deputy Minister said that “banned me excessiveness, vulgarity, fakes and pride. This is what you need to throw out your wardrobe and souls to you were a pleasure to watch”.

Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова


“From an early age I have always coexisted two different natures: in high school I was a rebel, but my picture hung on the honor roll, in tinag skul girls wore bags Louis Vuitton, I used to come in large frames, torn jeans and t-shirts Guns N Roses. The University began to take shape my love of Scandinavia, like music and clothing became more monochrome and minimalistic, although ripped jeans have remained my favorites. Working in government, I still wear what is comfortable to my soul. Even classic Margiela was able to beat so that she looks cool. I never experimented with hair: long, natural, slightly sun-bleached hair is adoration. Never wore short haircuts, did the piercing and did not belong to any subculture,” says Deeva.

Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова


Deeva prefer expensive brands, but says that is not a Shopaholic and not read the gloss. Among her favorites: Acne, Stella McCartney, MM6, &Other Stories, COS.

“Basically, I buy clothes abroad during business trips or vacations. The Mecca of shopping for me is Sweden and Denmark,” she notes.

Communication with Avakov

Deeva accompanied Arsen Avakov during his recent visit to Tokyo. Then another girl was in the status of Advisor.

Deeva also wrote that he was proud of his boss. “I am very proud of how you perceive the Head of our Ministry, proud of its strong, steady and wise position,” she said in one of the posts.

By the way, the Ministry of internal Affairs for a week not answered, how long was the visit to Japan, what was the composition of the delegation and the budget for the trip. The Ministry asked for a delay of 20 working days to count the costs – according to “Ukrainian news”.

The interior Ministry Deeva had previously worked on reform of the fire service and creating a road map of a comprehensive Intelligence Led Policing model for the National police.

Reaction of social networks

Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова


Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова


Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова


Регионалы и бренды. Новый 24-летний зам Авакова