Regular alcohol consumption reduces the risk of diabetes – scientists

Регулярное употребление алкоголя снижает риск диабета – ученые


Has the greatest effect of wine, its chemical composition is able to normalize the blood sugar level.

Regular alcohol consumption significantly reduces the risk of diabetes, found researchers from the University of southern Denmark. A study published in the journal Diabetologia.

After analyzing data on more than 70 thousands of people who consume alcohol, the researchers found that moderate amounts of alcohol three or four times a week associated with reduced risk of diabetes by 27% in men and 32% women.

Has the greatest effect, the wine is probably its chemical composition is able to normalize the blood sugar level. But from the gin or other liquor, the scientists recommended that women refrain – they increase the risk of developing diabetes by 83%. But beer does not affect risk, but in men lowers it by 21%.

Scientists note that further studies are needed that will help to understand the biological mechanism of the effect of alcohol on the risk of developing diabetes.

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Earlier, scientists have shown that one glass of red wine is comparable to the effect produced by the body after a workout in the gym.

According to the materials:


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