Relatives of the victims of MH17 filed a lawsuit against Putin in the ECHR

Родственники жертв катастрофы MH17 подали иск на Путина в ЕСПЧ

Relatives of the victims in the crash of the Malaysian aircraft flight MH17 that crashed in the sky over the occupied territories of Donbas in July 2014, filed with the European court of human rights the claim against Russia and President Vladimir Putin, Reuters reports, citing Australian media.

It is reported that the lawsuit was filed on may 9, Australian law firm on behalf of the 33 relatives of the victims from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Each of them requires a compensation in the amount of $ 10 million.

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The publication notes that have not yet been able to obtain legal commentaries on the issue.

The independent experts concluded that the installation “Beech”, from which knocked “Boeing” flight MH17 was under control of militants. In turn, the defense Ministry said that anti-Russian Bellingcat report on the downed “Boeing”.

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The Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines, carrying out flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur July 17, 2014 was shot down over the territory of Donetsk region. On Board were 298 people, they all died. Ukraine and many Western countries have blamed on Pro-Russian militants who control the territory. Russia denies the accusations.

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