Remittances from abroad affect the subsidy – Ministry of social policy

Переводы из-за границы влияют на субсидию - Минсоцполитики

Became known, affect whether the subsidy cash transfers

Remittance exceeding 50 thousand UAH will be taken into account when calculating the grant, the Department reported.

Money transfer from abroad which exceeds 50 thousand UAH will be taken into account when calculating the subsidy. On Wednesday, October 3, according to the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine.

According to authorities, the money transfer will be treated by the bodies of social protection of the population as income.

It is also noted that the subsidy may affect and winning the lottery.

At the same time do not affect the calculation of the grant Bank deposits, interest or cashback.

However, “neither affect the calculation of the amount of subsidies,” the report says.

Earlier the Ministry said that the subsidy for working pensioners is calculated on the basis of pensions and salaries.

We will remind, the draft state budget for 2019 is to reduce the cost of subsidies to population for payment of housing and communal services.


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