Rename untimely. Interview with the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk

Переименование несвоевременное. Интервью с мэром Днепропетровска

Filatov believes that the decision to rename Dnepropetrovsk inconsistent and untimely

Boris Filatov, the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk, told about the situation with the renaming of the city.

The material is placed in number 20 magazine Reporter on may 27, 2016.

– According to the Law On decommunization Dnepropetrovsk became the Dnieper. What do you say about this decision?

– As the mayor and the townspeople find the decision controversial and untimely. I have already appealed to the head of the Verkhovna Rada with a request to nadpisywanie while the document on renaming the city. Let him give navreme to spend at least a consultative survey and to understand how residents relate to the new name.

As far as I know, people are outraged. We, unlike the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir Vyatrovich, never linked the city’s name with the name of the Bolshevik Grigory Petrovsky [the its was called the city] — the executioner of the Ukrainian people.

In addition, I want politicians to have finally ceased to earn points on this topic. The opposition bloc, according to my data, already centrally collects podpisivat the incident.

– Can the rename call in the city a wave of protests?

– Unrest will not, if the political crooks will not heat up. Yes, people are outraged. But first and foremost they are interested in economic and domestic aspects of mininature city. Incidentally, we have calculated and found out that this renaming will cost us a few salentica hryvnia. And not billion, as stated by some experts.

– It is known that pereimenovaniya and villages was one of the ways to spread the Communist ideology. Thus people were taught to memorize new characters.You don’t have the feeling that namesdatabase is carried out in a similar way?

– We live on the edge of historical eras, which is accompanied by the creation of a new mythology of ideologii. It is neither good nor bad. It is an objective reality.

– And if this is not a substitute for the process of real reform?

– I don’t think so. Decommunization, though it goes with the kinks, is a separate phenomenon. On the speed and quality of reforms has no effect. No need to link these processes.

– Have you discussed the implementation of major projects in Dnepropetrovsk with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman? As put into practice the law on decentralization?

For all the time spent on the mayor, I never once recorded state intervention in the Affairs of local government. I do not call, do not arm-twisting. We stew in our own juice” and do what we consider necessary.

So I can’t say that decentralization is a profanation. Yesterday we Groysman spoke on the phone about the Eurovision song contest in 2017. I asked the Prime Minister to draw attention to the fact that Kiev is ready to accept competition. He said that the Cabinet will develop clear criteria for everyone. Then the city will fight for the right to conduct the contest.


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