Replace the Ukrainian Zenit rocket will launch sooner

Замену украинской ракеты Зенит запустят раньше

The Russian booster Soyuz-5 will replace the Ukrainian Zenit

New Russian carrier air Union-Irtysh 5 is scheduled to launch in November 2022, two years earlier than planned.

Russian carrier rocket Soyuz-5, which was created to replace the Ukrainian Zenit first launch in November 2022, writes Kommersant, citing the Russian space Agency on April 21.

The development of new Russian missiles and medium-class Soyuz-5 (Irtysh) instead manufactured by the Ukrainian plant Yuzhmash, the Zenit rocket started in 2016.

Beginning of flight tests was previously scheduled for 2024, and the transition to the stage of commercial operation planned not earlier than 2025.

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Developed by RKK Energiya. It is reported that Irtysh will be able to output in low earth orbit of up to 17 tonnes of cargo. For her was created by the RD-171МВ, which in Russia is called the most powerful in the world. Roscosmos RD-171МВ calls “Tsar engine.”

Launch of Soyuz-5 launch site Sea launch, which in 2016 was redeemed by the Russian company S7. The cosmodrome was originally built for the Ukrainian Zenit, so other missiles he can not fly. Detail to the material Sea launch may waive Zenith Yuzhmash.

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